What people are really like

Thasymachus :

“If in our thoughts we grant to a just and an unjust person
the freedom to do whatever they like…we’ll catch the just person red-handed
traveling the same road as the unjust.”

Most people behave as if
they have two selves

I think the expression “Self control” is an
interesting one because while one part of you is having control, the other half
is getting defeated. People behave as if they are made up of two selves. One
wants to be healthyand eat a chicken salad, the other wants to drink beer and
eat deserts. One part of you wants to take a nap, and the other wants to work
out at the gym, or one part of you wants to stay loyal to your girlfriend, and
another adores her best friend, or one part wants to study for a math test,
while the other part wants to watch reality TV. The two selves are always in
conflict. When the naturally better part defeats the worse part, we say the
person is self controlled. When the worse part of you comes out on top, we can
say that the person has no self control, or is self defeated.

of us belong to one of the following groups.

People that are wicked but
People that are wicked but stupid,
and cowards who are
somewhere in between.

The first group of people is the best people
because they are wicked, but they are also smart and courageous. Those people
believe that injustice is more profitable than justice, but at the same time
they know that it is important that they go by the rules. They are brave enough
to do bad things and smart enough to profit from them without the penalty that
comes out of it. They realize that nobody really wants to follow the law, and if
people are given the freedom to do whatever they like, nobody would play by the
rules. But people follow the law anyway to avoid the pain of punishment and for
the sake of rewards and reputations that come out of it. The only reason why
people follow the rules is because they want their friends and neighbors and
everybody else they know to think that they are good, and at the same time they
want to avoid going to jail or get executed.

The best people realize
that you tend to gain the most if you gain a reputation by following the law
publicly, but act wickedly on the side as long as nobody knows about it, AND
they have the courage to do so. This way they can have both a good reputation
the profit that comes out of their impious acts. Nobody wants to follow the
rules, but everybody wants to appear as if they do.

This might not be
the best example, but how many of you slow down your cars and act like you’ve
been driving safely only after you realize that there are cameras around you, or
that there is a cop behind you, only to go back to your reckless driving when
nobody is watching? If you do this you save time and you can arrive at your
girlfriend’s house and screw her quicker, plus she would praise you for being
responsible, unlike her car stealing, dog beating ex boyfriend who always gets
in trouble with the cops.

Let’s talk about that car stealing, dog
beating, drug selling, cheating ex boyfriend. He belongs to the worse group. He
is wicked but stupid, and you don’t ever want to become that way. Those people
realize the benefit of bending the rules and the profit that comes out of it but
they don’t know how to go at it. They do injustice but they don’t really benefit
from it because they fail to do it privately so they get themselves in trouble.
They figured out the advantages and efficiency of selling drugs, stealing,
driving over the speed limit, and all of that good stuff, but they haven’t
figure out the other half of the game. They haven’t figured out the advantages
of keeping a good reputation while commiting their crimes and eventually they
get caught and get punished without being able to revenge. So, not only does the
wicked and the stupid person loses all the profit he gained from his unjust
acts, he loses his reputations as well, and he ends up with nothing but being
known as a bad citizen, a bad friend, a bad student, and a bad son.

then there’s our average Joe who follows the law and play by the rules, and I
think this is where we see a nice guy fails to finish first. This guy is the
intermediate between the best and the worse. He realizes the importance of of
following the law, but he is too weak to do anything else but following the
laws. He receives an excellent reputation and is perceived by people as a good
citizen, a good friend, a good son, and a good student. But deep inside he
really hates following the rules, and he wishes he could cheat on his test, and
he really wants to drive over the speed limit, to drive a Porsche without having
to work for it, have sex with his best friend’s wife, but he lacks the courage
to do any of that stuff, publicly, or privately. So our average Joe ends up with
the rewards and reputation for being good, and even though he is better off than
the idiots from the worse group, he loses to the guy from the best group who has
his good reputation, and then some.

The person from the best group who is
wicked but is in disguise can end up very well off. Therefore he can really
benefit everybody else around him in order to receive more honor and praise. His
good reputation allows him to have more room to do more injustice privately, as
a result he gains even more profit from it, and consequently he will have even
more to work with to continue to build up his already awesome reputation and
honor. He does this until he becomes a hero in the eyes of the public, and the
more of a hero he is, the more power he has, the easier he can get by with his
wicked acts because everybody would be too busy praising him and getting goods
from him to be suspicious of him, and eventually he raises above everybody else
until he ends up at the top of the food chain.

I think it’s easy to see
that people are motivated by two things; pride and fear.

Everybody has
the desire to want to outdo the next person and be perceived by people as better
than everybody else, whatever that takes. But at the same time we are driven by
the fear of sudden death, or punishment, and we also fear that other people who
has the same wicked desire as ourselves will lord over us, and nobody wants to
be defeated and be seen as losers. It’s why we are always living in a state of
mistrust. We are always watching our backs when we are walking alone on the
streets at night, and we have to lock our cars and cover up anything in there
that are worthwhile, and we can never just leave our keys cell phones and
wallets on the floor when we go to the gym or go anywhere else, and as soon as
we can’t find something we automatically blame other people or assume that
somebody stole it from us.

The reason why I go to the gym and workout
and try to stronger every week is because I want to be perceived by other people
as stronger than everybody else. At the same time I am motivated by the fear of
my friends and other gym goers becoming stronger than me. And it is exactly the
desire to gain and the fear of losing that drive us to do anything from getting
good grades to taking a shower to gossiping and back stabbing to working out,
getting stronger to buying new shoes and clothes to getting married and having

I think it’s natural that we want to outdo other people and get
more and more of it, and since that is what is natural to us, it is naturally
good. But the law reverses this nature, and makes us believe that treating other
people nicely and respectfully is our natural tendency, when we really just want
to beat them up and be perceived as the strongest.

But how talented we
are, how strong and good looking we all depend on other people’s opinions, and
we live and die by what people think of us and how they perceive us, and that’s
why we can never gain full confident about our own abilities because as long as
people stop believing in us, we stop believing in ourselves. That’s what makes
people so insecure all the times because we are so unsure of our own abilities
that we have to constantly compare and match ourselves up with other people to
justify ourselves. And since everybody else has their own ways of thinking,
their own interests, inner conflicts, beliefes, and the same intention to want
to overpower other people, what makes us think people are really going to tell
us what we want to hear?