Beauty Installment I (On Why We Like Beauties)

BEING BEAUTIFUL is so important.

People who say they don’t care about being beautiful and that looks
aren’t important don’t know what they are talking about. Everyone wants
to be beautiful, and everyone wants to be with a beautiful person.

When it comes to finding a relationship, looks always comes before
personality because unless you are blind or you met each other on the
internet, you are always going to see somebody’s face before you open
your mouth and talk to her. When it comes to one night stands, looks is
everything, and personality is nothing.

The first thing you think to yourself or whisper to the person who sits
next to you in the backseat when somebody you meet for the first time
comes into the car is:

“Oh, she’s just okay…”
“Oh, she’s a beauty!”
“Oh, she’s ugly”
“She has a beautiful face, but her body is too fat”

And then you go on and say:

“Oh she’s really smart, because she really knows how to cook my kind of steak”
“Oh she’s so funny! She knows how to make me laugh in bed”
“Oh she’s weird; I love how she flosses her teeth right before she eats”
“Oh she’s quiet; she doesn’t make a noise when she pees.”

If you are attracted to somebody it must be that he or she has something beautiful to offer.

You know how you have a friend of the opposite sex who has all the
characteristics and traits you’d want in a girlfriend or a wife; nice,
smart, caring, responsible, ambitious, and on top of it, she has a
crush on you. You really want to like her too, but you just can’t force
yourself to do it because she just isn’t beautiful enough. People don’t
marry their best friends because they don’t find them attractive.

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Sometimes, but I think for
the most part, beauty is objective. I mean unless you’re one of those
“just okay…” people, then you can go either way, depends on the
lighting and who is looking at you. But if you’re just “okay”, then
you’re not exactly a beauty, so you’re out of this conversation.

People all over the world should have the same eye for beauty.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘But I watch Discovery channel and all
those African chicks that poke holes in their noses, stuff plates in
their ears, and stretch up their necks with gold rings are doing it to
look pretty’. Or ‘How about those fat girls in Europe, weren’t they
considered beautiful?’ No, they weren’t.

First of all, those were Ruben’s women. That was his style. And
besides, they weren’t exactly fat, they were nice and fertile.
Secondly, people decorate their bodies or want to look a certain way
for religious purposes, to gain status, for fashion, to fit in, to look
hardcore, or to earn reputations, but they don’t do it to look

Being sexy is different, and what makes somebody beautiful has nothing
to do with culture. People everywhere in the world should roughly agree
on what makes somebody sexually attractive, and what makes somebody

We are all equipped with a beauty detector. Since we can’t go around
and draw people’s blood and test their DNA, we’ve evolved an eye that
allows us to detect signs of fertility,and beauty traits are perceptual
signals of how well equipped the other person’s body is to serve and
share the genetic stake of our child.

If you go to any tribes, countries, or cities in the world and ask
anybody to come up with an ideal beauty sketch, chances are they’d all
come up with the same beauty characteristics.

Beauty features such as symmetry, cleanliness, long hair, straight,
white teeth, round, big, clear eyes, and full lips are universal
because they are signs indicating that a person has developed
normality, is healthy, free of infection and deformity, carries good
genes, has a strong immune system, very fertile, and capable of making
the fittest offspring.

Just take a look at Disney or Japanese anime characters; you’ll notice
they all look similar because they all share the same idealized beauty
traits. You can’t tell Jasmine apart from Cinderella because there are
only so many variants you can create with the same beauty

Men are attracted to women who have:

Full lips (a sign that you have a lot of estrogen – fertile),
Skinny jaw bones (lack of testosterone – fertile),
Long, luxurious hair (history of good health. Lack of nutrition and infection weakens the hair and damages the shaft),
Straight teeth and aligned jaws (a good-looking face usually has optimal alignment for chewing),
Large breasts (again, signs of fertility and good quantity of fresh breast milk),
Wide hips (signs of good, healthy fats, good calorie reserved for pregnancy),
and optimal waist-to-hip ratio (shows good youth and signs of never being pregnant).

On the other hand, women are attracted to men who have high doses of
testosterone in their blood, and low levels of estrogen. High cheek
bones, lean muscle mass, strong chins and foreheads, broad shoulders,
large testicles, angular jaws are all signs of a healthy fertile male
with normal hormone and ideal testosterone levels.

The less similar a woman is to a man, the prettier she is. The more similar a woman is to a man, the less attractive she is.

Heterosexual men prefer women who have a lot of estrogens and very
little testosterone in their blood because women with large doses of
testosterone are less fertile. That’s why most men find
masculine-looking girls unsexy and undesirable. Meanwhile, the thought
of having sex with another man is repulsive for a straight man because
testosterone plus testosterone equals…well, gayness and zero chance of

With all that said, it’s pretty clear why beauty should be universal.
Looks is important because beauty is a signal of fertility and genetic
quality. People everywhere want to make babies with beautiful people,
but are turned off, or sometimes even feel disgusted by the sight of a
fat and ugly person.

I think when it comes down to looking for a partner, everyone has an ideal beauty in their mind.

If you’re single, then you are probably in search of the most
beautiful, smartest, nicest, and the richest person who will settle for
you. That person is probably out there. However, you can’t wait forever
because if you do, you might die single before this person ever shows
up in your life. So you really have to trade up value against time, and
go with what’s available.

So go out there in the love market, settle down with the most beautiful
person you can find SO FAR, and make a bunch of beautiful, plastic

would you want this person to have half of the genes of your children?
Or this person?

                                Beauty Installment II ( On Teenage Girls )

This whole beauty installment was probably inspired by an anecdote I
dreamed up while I was stuck in traffic. Girls, you’re not gonna want
to hear it, so please just go on and skip the next few paragraphs.
Actually, just exist this page right now and don’t attempt to read any
of it because this note is not for you. But hey you can go here:

Anyway, here’s the story:

A middle aged pedophile drove to his daughter’s high school and
kidnapped one of her best friends. They started driving in the car with
the poor girl sitting next to the pedophile in the passenger’s seat.
The following events unfold during the ride:

On the first traffic light, he stops and gives her a dirty look.

On the second traffic light, he stops and makes out with her.

On the third traffic light, he stops, rips open her shirt and fondles her breasts.

On the forth traffic light, he suckles on her breasts and gulps down her breast

On the fifth traffic light, he pulls out a kitchen knife and cuts open her breasts.

On the sixth traffic light, he slices open her genital and takes out her ovaries.

On the seventh traffic light, he cuts open the rest of her body and devoured her in her entirety.

This half dream, half story is probably a response to my somewhat
tragic love life. I’ve only dated 4 girls, and they are all teenagers.
When I was 18 I went out with a 14 year old, when I was 19 I dated a 15
year old, when I was 21 I dated a 16 year old, and when I was 23 I had
a 19 year old girlfriend. You see, I’ve been consciously (or is it
unconsciously?) and exclusively dating girls who are at least 4 years
younger than me.

Why? Well, it’s evident that younger girls have all the reproduction
virtues: Having the right hormones, less likely to be infectious,
young, and not having been pregnant.

Remember those beauty traits I listed on the last post? Well teenage
girls take it to another level. Signs of never being pregnant make a
girl more attractive because they have:
Larger eyes.
Redder lips.
Tighter, smoother skin.
And firmer breasts and asses.

Those are ingredients and fertile signs that belong exclusively to
girls that have never had a child. Young girls who’s never had a child
has a longer reproduction career ahead of them, and their husbands
don’t need to worry about the possibility of raising another man’s
offspring or having other children tagging along.

I think the age of consent is the first law that the government must
get rid ASAP because it’s just stupid. It’s fucking up America and
making our children unhealthy mentally and physically. Everybody,
people of all ages, should go out with, marry, have awesome sex, and
have babies with teenage girls because not only are they objectively
the hottest of all females, they are some of the most fertile species
on the planet.

In fact, I think the older you are, the more teenage chicks you deserve
to bang. There should be a market of fresh teenage girls who are high
school dropouts but still want a second chance in life. The government
would keep those girls in confined but friendly rehab centers, wire up
their brains, and escalate them to the nearest nursing homes or prison
after they are physically and psychologically trained. Then they would
go on and have sex with prisoners or sick, old people who are about to
die but had never had children so they can pass on their genes.

Statistics show us that on average, a husband is 3 years older than his
wife. For the most part, men go for girls who are a little younger than
they are, and girls go for slightly older guys…this is all good and
standard. But here’s something to think about:

It’s totally acceptable for Grandpas to fantasize and be attracted to
really young girls, or even marry them. But you almost never see a 50
year old woman going out with a 19 year old boy or find him sexually
attractive in anyway. Meanwhile, it’s pretty normal for a teenage girl
to fantasize about sleeping with a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney, who
are old enough to be their Dads.

What’s going on here?

The reason is that men find girls who have just began their
menstruation cycles attractive, and women who have already reached
menopause, unattractive. But a man can stay attractive even when he
gets older because his fertility doesn’t decline with age and his
testicles are still making sperms.

Like I said before, and natural selection will tell you the same thing
: Teenagers have all the reproduction virtues and it’s more likely that
they have never had a child.

But you don’t want to go overboard because extremely young girls just
can’t be sexy. I don’t know how many of you download child pornography
on your spare time and hide them in your guiltiest of all guilty
pleasure folders, but even I have my limits. Let’s move down a couple
of grades here, because I’m talking about girls who are 10 or 11 years

We aren’t sexuality attracted to middle school girls because they
haven’t even had their period yet! If a girl isn’t menstruating,
there’s really no point in having sex with her because it is simply a
waste of calorie in a biological sense. This is the same reason why men
find aged woman unattractive because once a woman reaches menopause,
they are more or less biologically useless, and having sex with them
would be a waste of time.

Listen to me if you’re a husband of a biologically useless wife. Go and
spread your genes like wild fire because your testicles aren’t making
new sperms for nothing. Abandon your biologically useless wife and
commit adultery if you aren’t already doing it. Pull a Kevin Spacey and
find your daughter’s high school directory…no, scratch that, jack her
cell phone and just go down the list…Amanda, Andrea, Anita,
Angela…whoever sounds hottest to you, and give her a call right away.
Or better yet, give them all a phone call. Hot, ugly, fat, emo, who
cares! Just come out of retirement and fuck the shit out of her best
friends, and you’d end your misery of midlife crisis and find yourself
right back in the market.

If you are following my logic, you should have already figured out why men can be better with age.

Men can be considered sexually attractive all the way into their 50s or
even their 60s because their fertility doesn’t decline as quickly. Try
jacking off next to your dad or his drinking buddies, you’ll see that
they probably ejaculate just as much, if not more than you, depending
on your natural testosterone level or whether or how much protein you
had that day. So, little girls who worship George Clooney and Johnny
Depp are secretly yearning for their semen, but of course that’s an
underlying motive, so you can’t really blame them for sleeping
underneath their posters.

Here’s another reason why older men can be more desirable.

Richard Dawkins said that in our society, the best predictor of a man’s
wealth is his wife’s looks, and the best predictor of women’s looks is
her husband’s wealth.

If you are a girl and you are ugly, you’re pretty much screwed for
life, unless you live in Korea and your daddy’s willing to pay for your
surgery. But if you’re an ugly guy, take a deep breath because it’s not
over for you, but you better be at a business school. Women dress up to
look beautiful for economic and political reasons. Most women are flat
out gold diggers. Go to a college party and talk to a girl who goes to
a business school, hates it, and still doesn’t know shit about
business…chances are she’s a gold digger. Women want to compete and
look better than other women because they want the attention of
powerful men who has status.

If you are a girl who’s passed her teenage years, don’t feel bad about it.

The good thing about living in the modern world is that you can still look young even when you’re old.

Compared to our ancestors, women today aren’t making as many babies,
are well nourished and disease free for the most part. And you can
still look like a teenager well into middle age with beauty technology
like eye makeup, lipsticks, push up bra, and the like until you die.

I mean they do put make up on dead people don’t they?

That’s another mystery to me, because I think if you’re dead you should
just look like a dead person. I went to a couple of funerals where they
put on heavy ass makeup on the corpse, and it just looks awful on them.

Why would you still want to look fertile if you’re dead?

By the way, I haven’t heard anyone who has a fetish for dead pussies,
but if you do please do add me as your friend on facebook so we can go
shoot around at the gym.