A Candid Conversation About Being Gay. 


Billy : Hey do you think B____ might be gay? I always try to seduce him but I don’t think he likes me

Frank : I don’t know man. I don’t think he is. He might be bi actually.

Billy : Yea

Frank : Hey do you think we’re bi?

Billy : I don’t know man, like sometimes I have like crushes on guys.

Frank : Yeah I know what you mean, I think almost everyone’s think about having sex with another guy. I mean it’s one thing to think about it, and it’s another thing to actually do it.

Billy : Yeah people just don’t admit it, you know?

Frank : Yeah like every time I ask somebody if he’s ever thought about having sex with another man, and they’re always so quick to respond. They always go “No! ew that’s nasty, why are you so gay!”. But if you’ve never thought about it, you wouldn’t be that quick to respond and be in denial so quick. You must have thought about it first.

Billy : Yeah, I would fantasize about making out with guys. I think that’s the furthest I would go though. Just making out.

Frank : Yeah, and maybe a hand job.

Billy : Yeah, I probably wouldn’t wanna suck B___’s cock.

Frank : Or sometimes when I watch porn, I look at the guy’s cock, and I can’t get off unless I watch the ones where the guy has a….

Billy : Yeah, yeah! You’d go like “Wow the guy’s got a nice cock~”

Frank : Yeah…I hate porns where the guy has an ugly cock, it just doesn’t work for me. And every time I pee I always check out other guy’s dicks, and when I’m at Rio, I always watch guys workout and imagine how their cock would look and I then when I see them in the locker room changing I would always check out their cocks with the corner of my eyes and see if I got them right.

Billy : Wtf So…of the people from our football team, who would you hook up with?

Frank : Emm…. probably M_____, he’s pretty hot. Nice body, really cut and everything.

Billy : Yeah, and R____ too, do you think he has a big dick?

Frank : Nah…he’s not THAT athletic, so he probably doesn’t have the testosterones to have a big cock, you know?

Billy : Yeah that’s true.

Frank : You know gay people can get some a lot more easier than straight people.

Billy : Emmmm….

Frank : It’s true though, if you wanna have a clear look on human sexuality, all you have to do is look at gay people. Like they did this survey in San Fransisco, and like 1 out of 4 gay people have had sex for more than a thousand people! And 3 out of 4 people have had more than a hundred sexual partners. And oh yea, none of the lesbians they looked at had a thousand partners, and only like one out of a hundred has more than a hundred. And it’s not like gay people are hornier and want sex more than straight people, it’s just that gay people have sex a lot more because gay people don’t have to compromise with girls when it comes to sex.

Billy : Yeah like girls just don’t want it as much huh…

Frank : Yeah, it’s like this. For every straight relationship there is a compromise between the sexual wants of the man and the wants of the woman, and girls just don’t have the same desires and intentions as guys when it comes to casual sex. I mean they don’t need to have sex that much anyway. When it comes down to it, evolutionary style, it’s probably a disadvantage for a woman to sleep around . Once they get pregnant, they don’t need to have sex for a good 10 months. And if a girl does sleep around, she probably wouldn’t be able to find the most desirable husband with the best genes because her value would be compromised in the mate market, and if she has a bad reputation, men wouldn’t wanna marry her because he wouldn’t want to risk the chance of raising another men’s kids. But the more girls a guy has sex with, the more offspring he leaves, so that gives guys limitless appetite for casual sex partners.

Frank : So anyway, we would be getting as much sex as gay people if girls have the same level of sexual desires as us, but they just don’t look at sex like that. Gay people bounce off their desires and sexualities onto other gay people who have the same intentions and desires and want sex just as much. But too bad for straight guys, we are bouncing our desires and wants off of girls who don’t want the same from us, and there’s that compromise I was talking about… if one party doesn’t want sex, the sex doesn’t happen. I mean you gotta admit, that’s all guys want right ? it’s sex sex sex and more sex, and when we go to parties, we would hook up and fuck any hot girls we see if we can, but we can’t and we don’t get any most of the times because girls just aren’t interested in having sex with strangers and having casual sex, and even if they do, they wouldn’t go ahead and carry it out as easily as guys would anyway, remember what I said the importance of having a good reputation for a female? They are evolved to protect that reputation and not be as horny as guys, because they simply don’t need to be….

Billy : Yeah I know what you’re saying, it’s like if everyone’s hungry everyone eats and if not everyone’s hungry, only some people get to eat.

Frank : Man, straight people would get some so easily if girls think like us and wouldn’t mind having casual sex with strangers. We could easily had sex today at the restaurant, I would probably be fucking J____ or that other girl at the same time in the bathroom or something while we were waiting for food, and we could easily have other hundreds of sex partners already, and everyone on this highway would be getting road head right now, and people would have sex all the time, everywhere, and anywhere.

Billy : Yeah I guess it makes sense. I’m definitely not gay though…

Frank : Yeah, there’s no way that I’m gay.

Billy : I think it’s so cute how in China, girls hold hands when they go shopping.

Frank : Yea, guys should definitely do this more often.

Billy : Yeah, it’s so cute. But I just wanna seduce B____

Frank : Yeah he’s hot.