Foot Rant – Why Artificial Foods are Not So Bad


After WW2, people from America and all over the world pretty much have their stomachs satisfied. They receive more than enough nutrients to satisfy their daily calorie intake. This however, was becoming a problem for the food industry: How do you continue to feed a nation that already has enough to eat? The solution is easy : Target our sweet tooth.

Human naturally crave sweets and fats because they are high in calorie. When we were hunters and gatherers, there wasn’t a lot of food lying around, each meal is hard to come by and you never know when you’re gonna eat again. So to be efficient, we go after the food with the most calorie for our buck so we don’t starve ourselves. We go for fruits that have the most sugar and animals that have the most fat. The fatter and sweeter the better and more nutritious the food and the most chances we have of surviving long periods without food. This is the way we approach food for over a million years, and although we don’t live that kind of a life style anymore, we can’t change the habit over night, so everybody is naturally born with a sweet tooth and is pre-wired to crave foods that are high calorie, high fat and high in sugar.

The food industry have been turning what was essential for us in our evolutionary history against us. That sweet tooth that was crucial for our survival while we were cavemen is now working against us, killing us, and making us fat, since our rbodies really aren’t designed to handle the way we eat today. Not only are foods that are high in sugar and high in fat scarce anymore, they are cheap and they are everywhere and easy to over-eat. Since everybody is getting their nutrients already, how else can the food industry make more money? Easy. All they have to do is produce artificial food with machines and dump in excessive amount of sugar and fat because that’s the way we like them. The sweeter and fatter the junk food, the more we crave it.

A lot of people eat junk food AFTER a meal, in a condition when they are more than well fed. Nobody is starving anymore in this country. People aren’t eating junk food because they are hungry and that they need to eat it, they’re eating it because they crave it. What do you do after dinner? Some cake, few pieces of candies here and there. What do you do after you eat one piece of candy or one piece of chip? You eat another, and another, and another until you realized that those calorie are empty, extra, and useless. But this is exactly where the food industry wants you to be in. They want to add more sugar and fat in your food because the fatter and sweeter it is, the more you want to eat it, and the more you eat it, the fatter you get, and the fatter you are, the more food you need, and the money you give to the people in the food industry, and the more money they have the more junk food and the more advertisement they make to kill you, and so on ..Its a vicious cycle.

So junk food like liquid calorie and pocket meals (small bags of chips) are pretty much all new inventions and the pocket and liquid calorie is the new diet. They are made to satisfy the current American lifestyle. People are so busy running around and working like dogs these days that they never have time to eat or prepare food anymore. People spend more time than ever behind the wheel to commute to work. I mean you can’t really blame people when they stop by the gas station and buy a bag of chips and a bottle of soda and just stuff them in their pockets or bags because that really is the fastest way to go. 1 out of 5 meals is eaten in the car in America today. I mean, I eat with my mom’s boyfriend, but that’s still gotta be better than trying to eat and drive at the same time.

In America, poor people are the fat ones, but everywhere else in the world you are more likely to see the opposite. In China if you see a fat kid on the street he’s probably well off and eats golden rice everyday. But in America, fast/junk foods are cheap, and healthy food is expensive and hard to come by. So poor people eat poor food and they get bloody fat, not to mention the fact that they don’t have the money to buy a gym membership.

But anyway, that’s the bad side to artificial food. But how about GENETICALLY MODIFIED food? A lot of people nowadays think they are healthy by going organic and all natural and the like. The more naturally it is, the better, right? Not exactly. If you just think about it for a moment here, there is nothing bad about genetically altered food. In fact, in many cases, natural food is actually more dangerous and worse for your health than genetically modified food.

Many studies that have conducted to prove that genetically modified foods pose no risks to human health or to the environment. This is nothing new to biologists.

Genetically modified food are not anymore dangerous than natural food and they are fundamentally the same. Also, you aren’t going find any “natural” food if you live in the modern world. Whatever you think is “organic” or “natural”, chances are it’s genetically modified. Every vegetable, animal that’s been sold in supermarkets or health food stores have been “genetically modified” by selective breeding and hybridization. Nothing is natural. Even rain is genetically modified.

Everyone gets freaked out nowadays over corn beef, corn syrup, corn this corn that. What’s wrong with those corn? Probably nothing. You wanna see a real, natural carrot? It looks thin, tastes bitter, has white roots. The ancestors of corn, real corn, are equipped with an inch long cob and rock-hard kernels and is pretty much inedible.

Plants and animals have been evolved Darwinian style for millions of years so they WOULDN’T get eaten, so of course they aren’t going to go out of their way to be tasty, healthy, easy to grow and harvest. On the contrary, they do just the opposite : Animals and plants go out of their way to keep us from eating them by evolving toxins, bitter-tasting components, and irritating features. So there really is nothing “healthy” or “safe” about natural foods. Food with natural flavors are often times indistinguishable by the tongue from artificial flavors of the same food. And usually the natural flavor one is the more dangerous one.

Our fear of genetically modified food is irrational, and it could also make food more expensive, thus less available to poor people.

Another reason why people value “natural” food and are so against genetically modified food is due to human being’s standard intuition for the essence and wonderment of living things. People all over the world are obsessed with animals and plants and flowers.

Over the millennia and across all cultures, people have been obsessed with living things, especially animals. With the lack of understanding of biology and evolution, people who see an awesome and powerful looking animal immediately think they have some sort of invisible essence residing in them that gives them the power and form that they have.

I mean who doesn’t like animals? When I first came to the States 11 years ago, I would get psyched up every time I see a squirrel or a deer. It’s like they are celebrities or something. I even convinced my mom to buy the house that I live in right now just because it’s got a huge backyard filled with birds, snakes, foxes and deers.

Which of you didn’t grow up watching animal planets, playing with animal toys, reading about animals, watching Disney movies (which is basically just animals talking and falling in love with each other).

Most sport teams use animals as their symbols or logos…The logo for this country is a fricking bird for crying out loud. Find any restaurant that doesn’t have any paintings or sculptures of animals, I’ll take you there and get you free food.

Walk into a girl’s room, chances are you’ll find bunch of animal stuffed animals lying around. Oh yea, don’t get me started on dogs. People treat dogs better than they treat other people. Mike Vick killed some dogs and it was on the front page of every newspaper. Every day more black kids die on the street of Baltimore, how come they don’t make it to the news?

It’s not strange that we are generally afraid of genetically modified food. They don’t have that pure plant or animal essence that natural foods have, and the environment they grow in don’t contain rejuvenating powers. Genetically modified food are thought to be contaminated by factory or laboratory, which takes the essence out of them.

It’s kind of the same deal with fake flowers. I personally hate real flowers because they go bad and smell bad, and I much prefer plastic ones. Why can’t moms or girls everywhere just accept fake flowers? They last way longer and you can always just recycle them on the next anniversary and just paint it a different color like gray or black or brown or checkerd style. Plus they are water proof.

Anyway, It’s pretty much impossible to follow the old 0 carb, 12 eggs in the morning Frank Yang diet anymore, since I’ve been forced to eat junk food every other day. I had pop corn coated with table sugar for lunch today 😦

But I think it’s still a good idea to watch what put inside your body, since it’s the only thing you are born with and you get to take to your grave. I mean, a dead person might not have a mind but at least it still has a body right? A fat dead man is probably the worse looking thing there is.