A new manifesto

The new question mark concerning the value of my life and work had been raised from the dichotomic and dualistic qualities of pessimism and optimism, multiplicity and discreteness, inorganic and organic, spatial and temporal, good and evil. My quest is to investigate the provocative possibility of ‘pessimism of strength’ through artwork and music that are heterogeneous and indiscrete in nature, and how they could be the means to overcome the terror and absurdity of my family’s current state of affair, as well as my existence in the universe. It is out of this recognition of absurdity and fear, and a naïve hope of experiencing life as an aesthetic phenomenon that I invented art and lifted weights so vigorously in the first place. My interests and endeavors provide a metaphysical comfort for the tenderest and deepest anguish brought on by my new stepfather, as I look boldly and indestructibly into his hazel eyes.

My concern with depicting the Newtonian concept of instantaneous time and discrete space through still photographs and drawings is a thing of the past. In order to capture a reality that is constantly decaying, declining, degenerating, and full of weak instincts, a heterogeneous and immediate experience is needed. By combining three-dimensional inanimate materials, animated bodies, and viscera with the organic montage of moving image and the dialectic montage of the light-image, I am able to extend the qualitative and progressive elements of intensities and emotions in my work beyond a given position in space at a certain moment in time, while creating sensations within my viewer’s immediate consciousness in an undetermined and open looped zone without undermining their future actions. In the quantum universe of infinite possibilities, the shock tactics and the random acts of impetuosity in my performances serve my interest at best. My audiences are at the mercy of anything I made that cannot be programmed, categorized, or easily referenced, as they fail to foresee the unanticipated while expecting the unexpected.

Prompted by a bemused and beriddled female figure by the name of Ruby, I have begun to indulge on foods that are high in saturated fats. Without accompanying this gruesome upheaval with anaerobic meditation sessions in the health club, my fast-twitch muscle fibers are becoming as fatigue resistant as their slow-twitch counterparts. I am however, optimistic about this physical and psychological transformation because without it, my current intellectual and aesthetic pursuits would be weary and problematic. I have suffered in the past, from overfullness of existence. My overflowing health and well-being turned out to be antagonistic in both the potentiality of my reality and the actuality of my dreams. Without the will to fail, my body and spirit were becoming saccharine to the point of femininity, as my testes were gradually evolving into a pair of narcissistic, talking ovaries…