Happily Ever After.
Last night I attended a frat party full of asian people near College Park.

The only white people present were Jesus Christ himself and the Joker from Batman, who took shots and smoked weed together until both of them got fricking drunk and high. Then they started flirting and making out, and eventually they gave each other head and ended up having sex in front of everybody.

All the drunks at the party gathered around them in a circle and began cheering, chanting and waving their hands in the air while performing backflips, somersault and various other gymnastic moves.

Everyone except for me. I was not amused.

Instead, I began repeately smashing Jesus in the head with shot glasses and alchohol bottles while shouting “WHAT THE FUCK!” and ” CHRIST MAN CHRIST!!!” over and over while he and the Joker continued to have intercourse.

A few minutes later, both Jesus and the Joker got pregnant. Their stomachs inflated like balloons.

Joker gave birth to the internal organs of my biological father while Jesus delivered the skin layers and muscle tissues of my step dad.

Then Jesus handed me a needle and some threads, pulled out his pistol and ordered me to stitch up the organs and the skins. With a gun in my head, I did as I told without hestitation, stuffed the visceras into the skin layers and muscle tissues like rice and turkey, sewed it up and made it into a whole new person : The hybrid between my biological father and my step father.

“Great job!” said the Joker, tapping me in the funny bone while he bursts out his evil laughter.

“It’s an A+ my boy.” said Jesus, as he fundled my nipples while praising my latest work of art.

After the cops came and busted the party, The Four New Horsemen; Me, the Joker, Jesus, The real dad-step dad hybrid took the train to Six Flags and played arcade games all night while holding each other’s hands.

By the end of the night the four of us had won enough money to buy a brand new condo where we hope to live happily ever after.