People should embrace death and look at it as is a privilege and feel lucky that they get to die, because those who don’t get to die are never born.

Immortality is a bad thing. Being alive forever and being dead forever is just two sides of the same coin. Which makes me wonder which is more improbable; raising the dead, or killing an angel?

Come to think of it, the mummy is the first cousin to an angel because both entities are designed to procure immortality. Christians should do the same to their angels as what the Egyptians did to their Pharaohs by preserving, mounting, and displaying their bodies in churches or in museums.

If I can ever capture an angel, the first thing I want to do is to put her under the knife and dissect her, give her MRI and X ray scans to find out what she’s made out of and then maybe eat her wings.

Then I will practice taxidermy on her and stuff her like what they do to reproduce and mount dead animals for display in natural history museums. I want to catch as many angels as I can, taxidermize them all and give them black marbles for eyes and maybe really sharp teeth so they look like Great White Sharks with plastic feathers wings.

My dream is to install the first ever ‘museum of angels’ and put all of my stuffed angels on public display behind glass windows in various poses. I wouldn’t mind catching some fairies too along the way and dip them in alcohol and place them in glass jars or in frames like insects and hang them up the walls to compliment the angels.

Now, all of my angels on display have to be 14 or younger, and they must all be female. Most of my angels will be dangling from the ceiling, hanging in the air by a thin string to simulate flight and achieve the illusion of flying.

Other beautiful angels will be posing as doing various mundane, everyday, earthly tasks and actions including paying taxes. putting on eyeliners and lipsticks. getting a liposuction or a nose job. rollerblading with their dogs. showering. flicking each other off. cussing. drinking coffee and baking pie. taking piano lessons. talking on cell phones. playing chess. buying highlighter pens . smoking and drinking booze. getting arrested. hailing a cab. being emo and trying to kill themselves. winning the lottery. surfing the net. grocery shopping with push up bras. being in debt, etc.

I may even open up a shop in Taxes selling just the taxidermized heads to Christians to mount next to the Cross in their homes in churches as religions trophies, or sell them to hunters to hang on their walls next to other hunting trophies deer or buffalo heads. What a better way to decorate and guard your home than to mount a bunch of 11 year old girl angel heads on you wall?

I think the best way to catch angels and fairies is with a fishing pole or a lacrosse stick or an excavator because something tells me that angels and fairies live underneath soccer fields or in the sea.

“The Natural Museum of Angels”. I like that.