The human body is a wonderful machine that has different parts working together as a whole. But anytime you take a chunk of a person’s body part or even a slice his personality out of the whole, it gets a little weird and out of context.

Just look at a beautiful white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and nicely painted pink fingernails that everyone admires. If you pull out just a strand of her golden hair, cut off bits of her fingernails, poke out her left eye and put them in your plate of pasta, you would probably gag with disgust.

I really like the idea of putting different forms of flesh or personality types of different people together, switch them around and changing their context –

a pig’s intestine.
my mom’s 453rd menstruation cycle.
my roommate’s gloominess.
Alex’s deadlift record and flexibility.
my landlord’s tailbone.
a black man’s accent.
my stomach when I’m on a rollercoaster ride and my OCD.
my dad’s lack of musical talent.
Ruby’s allergy.
my boss’s double eyelids.
my dog’s saliva.
my ex girlfriend’s grotesque.
all mixed up in a blender with some chocolate milk, shake it and you may get –

a new flavor.
a new film.
a new username.
a new person.
a new mood.
a new price.
a new muscle.
a new car.
a new song.
a new paradox.
a new syndrome.
a new color.
a new partical.
a new brand of sneakers.
Put them all back into the blender, mix it, shake it up again. What will you get?