Having GOD on your ass.
The last time I went to church, I cam home with a wacky feeling in my stomach of somebody spying on me. When I went home to use the bathroom, I’d feel like an invisible Jesus was standing next to my toilet, watching me go, and I couldn’t squeeze a drop!

Few weeka go I was asked to imagine what it’s like for somebody to create you, to bring you into this world, and then to follow you around wherever you go, watch what you do, and tell you what you should be doing all day every day from the moment you are conceived until eternity. He watches you when you are eating, jacking off, showering, having sex, reading, sleeping, and he reads your mind and knows all of your intentions and private thoughts, he remembers everything you ever did in the past, and has a plan for everything that you are going to do in the future. Not to mention the fact that he still won’t get off your ass after you die .

But for a Christian believer, this is the kind of life they believe they have, and that’s a kind of life they want to have. Or do they?

Whether you are a believer or not, ask yourself if you really want this to be true: Do you really believe in a life like that? Do you really want a life like that?

I think it’s this type of life is the ultimate form of enslavement

Most people say they want to be free, since we live under doctrines and ideologies that guarantee freedom of this and that that encourage people to think freely for themselves and have control over their actions etc. But I think deep down inside, nobody, myself included, truly wants to be free because we just don’t have the balls to handle freedom.

People have an intrinsic fear for freedom because there is just something frightening about being on your own, making your own choices from the endless possibilities and not having somebody there telling you what to do. That’s a lot of hard work, it’s very scary, and it takes a lot of thinking and a lot of efforts.

Most people live their lives in routines after routines because they afraid to break out of their chains of routines and patterns, to step out of their comfort zones and try new things and think in new ways.

Here is an analogy that I’d like to use, and it has to do with caterpillars. There is a type of caterpillar that travel in a straight line from head to tail when they search for food. The lead caterpillar spits and spins out a tail of silk as it crawls along, and the next caterpillar in line walks along this silk and produces his own silk for the next caterpillar to follow and so on. These caterpillars can form a train up to the thousands, clinging persistantly and idiotically on to the silk ribbon for long distance, and will continue to do so even if they are starved, cold and distressed. As long as their leaders crawl, they follow.

Most of us find ourselves a part of a procession like those creatures, going through our days like a parade without realizing it because it’s just easier that way. We follow the same patterns, go through the same routines and tasks that we are comfortable with and used to and we lack the sparkle of reason that would advice us to abandon this mundane lifestyle. We want to wake up each morning knowing what their days are going to be like, how their lives are going to unfold because it’s the way to play life safe. People are drawn to repeat old ways of doing things, old ways of seeing.

I can’t help by think that this inherent fear of freedom is one of the reasons why a lot of people became religious in the first place, and stayed religious. That and the fear of death.

Religion is the ultimate radification for this fear. I mean, what better ways to guarantee your ‘enslavement’ than to have somebody watching over your shoulder 24 hours a day, telling you what to do 7 days a week and to live your whole life according to one little book made out of myths?

A lot of religious people simply wish to be enslaved by living the ordain life. They think that praying everyday, going to church every week, reading a chapter of the bible every night is going to give them that security they desperately seek after. They with and follow the people and crowd who think like them, who reads the same book that was written 2000 years ago as them, along with billions of other ‘like-minded’ people, who believes and live the same lifestyle as them so they can bully and threaten outsiders who refuse to share their beliefs.

They are, and wish to be depended on an invisible man in the clouds to look after them so they can be told what to do and how to think. They fear that, without this all powerful babysitter to guide them and take care of them, they would be lost and unable to find meanings in lives. So instead of thinking freely for their own sakes and doing what they really want to do, they take the ‘easy’ route by looking up the Bible, or up to the sky for directions and guidance.

I mean how different is a religous mass compared to the line of hundreds of caterpillars? Creatures (or people) mindlessly follow the path are laid down in front of them. Mass leaders, or messengers pass on the bible and the same old messages from generations to generations like caterpillars spinning that same fine silk.

Having God on your ass is a lot like having a dad who follows his son everywhere, telling him what to do, what to say, and even reads his mind. And the pathetic son, who has no will choose freely and do otherwise, follows his father’s every foot steps, listens to all his advices and does whatever he tells him to do without questions.

The dad tells the son to kill his best friend and he does it. The dad tells the son to rape and he does it. The son calls up daddy before he eats anything, and thanks him for the food with the same words everyday even if he didn’t pay for it. The dad tugs the son to sleep, the son tells him that he is the greatest dad in the world and that he loves him by using the same line everyday. I don’t care how much the father and the son loves each other, It’s a sorry life for both of them.

To me, the thought of having somebody who knows my thoughts watching over my shoulder until eternity is more fearful than freedom itself, not to mention it’s discomforting and repulsing. I think life is much more liberating and relaxing without a divine surveillance camera that’s turned on all the time, if you can get over your fear for freedom. Religion is the biggest and longest bandwagon people can jump on, and it radificates the fear for freeom, discourages individual thinking, not to mention it justifies genocides, rape, child abuse and murder, and insults human dignity…but that’s worthy of another note.