Kissing GOD’S ass ( Religion as insult to humanity).


Religious people often ask: “Without God, where would our morality come from?” If there is no God, does that give people the right to do anything they please? Aren’t things deemed as evil permitted? Will there be chaos?

But if you think about it more carefully, this is an insult to innate human dignity. Are these individuals stating that the only reason that they don’t rape, kill, and commit other wicked acts is due to the fact they are afraid to go to hell? Which translates into a reward from God and gaining entrance to heaven? Are they stating that without an invisible surveillance camera in the clouds, human beings aren’t able to tell the rights from the wrongs?? Are they stating that before Moses passing down the 10 commandments from Mount Sinai that it was ok to kill and rape?

To say that without God there would be no morality is an extremely impertinent thing for a believer to say to a non-believer, and alluding to what physicist Steven Weinberg said, it is an “insult to human dignity”. It seems that the reason why a lot of religious people do good deeds is to grovel to God, to avoid divine punishment, and to be rewarded by God for following his set rules. That, my friends, is not morality.

I mean, do we really need somebody to watch over our shoulders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for us to be compliant with moral behavior? If that is the case, God’s creation was flawed to begin with.

Human beings are innately ethical; it’s rooted in our genes as a result of natural selection to behave in a moral manner that serves our own interests as well as the interest of others in a functioning society. It’s unnecessary to have an invisible and intangible force blackmailing and threatening us.

Looking back at history, some of the things that individuals did in the name of God are absolutely horrible things that nobody would ever think of doing if it wasn’t for the name of religion. Only blind and unjustifiable faith could lead good and sane people to commit wicked and evil acts such as: biting the foreskin off of a newborn’s genitals and sucking up his blood, sewing up pre-pubescent girls’ vaginas, terrorizing children, directing airplanes into skyscrapers, killing homosexuals, women and countless other acts .

Aren’t our intentions, motivations and actions more moral if we do the right things on our own behalf instead of doing it to to kiss God’s ass? Think of the following scenario.

A girl who doesn’t sleep around and chooses to do so based on her own rationality, health, and free will is more impressive in a moral sense than her next door neighbor, who really wants to sleep around, but restrains herself because of her Christian upbringing. This is because when this neighbor was as a child, she was raised with the false belief that such actions would cause her to go to hell.

Another thing that bothers me is the “believing in God” non-sense.

Why do you have to believe in God to be rewarded for the good things you do?
Is God really that bitter and insecure about his own existence that he becomes jealous if you believe in other deities other than God himself? That he has to threaten everyone to believe in him or go to hell otherwise?

Why does God care so much if we believe in him? Shouldn’t people who do good things be rewarded regardless even if he isn’t a believer?

Say I spent my entire life helping starving children in Africa, giving out donations, and saving countless of lives but I happen to be a non-believer. On the other hand, my unemployed neighbor who hasn’t helped a soul in his life, has nothing better to do than to bum around in a church, reads the bible and mutter prayers 3 times daily. According to Christians, I would end up in hell and my neighbor would probably go to heaven. How is this fair or logical?

Individuals for the most part, act either morally or immorally with or without religion. In fact, religion is considered a main source of hatred in history, and that more innocent people died in the name of religion and more crimes were justified in the name of blind faith than anything else.

Religion hasn’t made people behave, and even if you oppose this notion, individuals who try to do good in the name of religion are just sucking to God to gain entrance to heaven, or that they are scared of hell.

Physicist Steven Weinberg sums it up: “Without religion you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”