I hate meeting new people because it’s so much work telling people I meet the same life stories over and over again. But I like to remember things and to reflect. That’s why I keep a journal, take as many pictures as I can, and bring a video camera with me almost everywhere (or i used to). I can’t rely on my memories because your brain plays tricks on you. Everytime you try to remember something, it’s always a little bit different, and the more time passes by you, the more things you make up, and at the end you aren’t really sure what really happened and what didn’t.

When I become rich, I want to hire a 300 pound black bodybuilder to follow me around with a video camera and film everything that happens in my life. I will open up a facility of Frank Yang life tapes to store all the footages I gathered.

Then when I meet somebody new, I will cut open their lower abdomen and thrusts a videocassette or DVD into his gaping wound and say, “You will open yourself completely to me!”

I wouldn’t have to waste any breaths telling my stories because everyone I know, goes away at the end anyway.