they definately have the similar haircut and pose.

Here is a commercial of a compaign called “Think Different” that Mac did.

It’s obvious that Apple isn’t selling computers. They are selling the idea of creativity and innovation. No wonder everyone at Art schools use a Mac. You get a video montage of some of the most creative and revolutionary thinkers in history – Einstine, Piccasso, Martin Luther Kings etc….PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER USED A COMPUTER IN THEIR LIVES.

Here is the new JORDAN BRAND commercial called “Look Me In The Eyes” :

Notice how the entire commercial is composed of close ups of famous atheletes with a look on their face that says “I’m better than you (because I have Jordans)” but NO shots of the products.

The following few short entries are taken from my facebook notes.



The best way to get a girl is to consume her and feed her your next girlfriend. Say you meet a girl at the club, and you bring her home. What you need to do is to skin her, hang her by the hooks like a pig, take out the organs and flay the meat from the bones, grind the meat, make them into jerky or reserve it in a can, and put the rest in the freezer and label the meat by the hue of their nipples.

The next time you bring another girl home, serve her a full course meal plus desert using the previous girl’s flesh. She will not only be impressed by the new muscles and the tan you put on after consuming large quantity of gorgeous proteins, she will also be impressed by your cooking skills. On top of it, you will have no trouble preventing your girlfriend from getting jealous of your ex because she will be eating her up.

The more fertile and beautiful women you consume and cook, the healthier, better looking, and stronger you get and the more your cooking skills improve the easier it is to get more girls and so on. Just remember to take a break on the weekends by hunting down fat girls for cheat meals.



My new penis is solid when I’m not turned on. When I’m horny it becomes liquids, and when i orgasm it vaporizes and turns into gas and smoke.


My Worse Night At The Club

I tried asking this girl for her name and phone number at the club. I didn’t know whether or not it was my false hearing or her false tongue or some kind of disturbance in the sound wave, but for some reason, I just couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying; it was like she was speaking in tongue.

For hours, I stood with her in the middle of the dance floor trying to get that damn number. The whole time my stomach was churning like crazy so I began to imagine hundreds of tiny replicas of this girl in Victoria Secret bikinis, drunkened, and riding on a built-in roller-coaster or water park slide that warped and curved inside and around my small and large intestines, screaming with their arms up while puking all over my guts…

With an amusement park in my stomach, plus the fact that I already had a few drink made me sick and I threw up all over her. It was the worse night.

ps. I never got her number.


When I don’t like something, I want to just get it over with all at once so I don’t have to think about it/do it ever again.

When I was a kid I hated eggplants. Whenever my kindergarden teacher forced us to finish our plates, I would always eat the eggplants first to get it over with so I could enjoy the rest of the meal without thinking about eggplants.

Nobody likes to sit in traffic lights. I wonder how many total hours/days/months I have spent and will be spending waiting on traffic lights. If I I could just get over all of the traffic lights at once by waiting under a super long red light that last for 2 years before it turns green without leaving my car and have my step dad deliver me his home made pizza 3 times a day to my car, and have all the lights be green every time I drive for the rest of my life it wouldn’t be a bad trade off….

Or receive speeding tickets or get pulled over by the cops every time I drive or do something stupid every day for the next who knows how long and how many times and just do whatever the fuck I want and drive recklessly and speed like a mofo for the remainder of my life and not get into trouble wouldn’t be bad either.

But what I really want to do is spend an entire year or two on the toilet pooping non-stop. I would poop out a very, very long and continuous string of poop that’s equivalent to the length of all the poop I will ever poop for the rest of my life all connected together – all in one sitting. That way I can finally purchase my dream home with no toilet.

Come to think of it, I much prefer the sleep world over the waking world and I hate waking up each morning from my dreams. I want to stay awake for the next 40 years and collect all the scars reality will leave on my face all at once and just sleep it off with a very long night of sleep for the remaining 20 years of my life…

i want to give birth to an old lady or a corpse, and watch her grow backward and becomes younger and younger, so when I am really really old and ready to leave this world, me and my fetus daughter can both wet my death bed.

Everywhere in the world I look there is a negation, a void, a nothingness, in the place of Her. It’s only through this negation and Her lack of being that her presence is felt. When the lack seeks to be satisfied, and when the expectation of Her presence is fulfilled, she becomes the negation. For as long as I see the world for what is not present, and not for what is, absolute beauty can never be known. Knowing her only through Her absence, as the way I feel the emptiness left by Her departure, is the only truth I know.


So many Asia American girls and guys are skilled faggots and hoes. You can see it in their faces. Their masks and hair is all the same – plain, full of weak instincts, and bear no scars left behind by the craws of reality except for the occasional red glow – caused by accelerated intoxication. They devote their energies to the imaginary, to the nonrealistic, as they gang up together around their phallocentric souped up Civics with their hair gelled to the point where you can see their scalp because they are worried about castration and emasculation by the white supremacist patriarchal society. Their battles are of reputation and words. Just what kind of fight can they put up alone without their ‘backs’ ?

People ought to be more creative with weapons. Sometimes it’s easier to kill people when a gun doesn’t look like a gun. I’ve always wanted a gun that looks like a camera. It’s a good way to kill narcissists who always want to have their pictures taken. They show their teeth and cheese for you and you blow their faces up. I hate girls who take a million pictures of themselves, but they always hold the same silly pose and smile the same way to look the same in every photographs. Or FOBs who put up that crazy V sign, every FOB does it, but does it mean?? This would be a good way for them to hold on to that pose forever.

The reverse would be fun too, having a camera that looks like a gun. You load the film into the magazine and squeeze the trigger to take a picture. You can catch somebody’s expressions right before they die when they look into the barrel that is really just the lense. I heard that in their last moments, people show you who they really are. They would make nice portraits.

How about a gun or a hand grenate that looks like a dildo for whore killing. That way they can really have a mind blowing orgasm. Or a vibrator that looks like a gun for those of you who find violence sexy. Personally, I don’t think violence is sexy. Sex can be violent, but violence can’t be sexy.

When I’m finally old enough to be a dad, I want to have 2 boys, and 2 girls. I want to raise a son as a son, a son as a daughter, a daughter as a son, and a daughter as a daughter. I’ve always wanted to find out which of the following takes the most work : For a man to be a man, a man to be a woman, a woman to be a man, or a woman to be a woman. I think I have an answer to that, but I’m not too sure of it.

Living in The American Cave.
The debates are so boring. There’s no substance or content, it’s all about image and charisma. It’s probably better to watch it with the mute on. The only reason the Republicans chose Palin is because they were starving for attention to even out with Obama’s supposed celebrity status. Simply put, Palin and Obama are both brands, pulling sparkling flash, fancy bullshit and rhetoric. In hindsight, upon closer observation regarding camera angles of the first debate, there was a clear disparity. You can see that those angles definitely favored Obama with the way he looked straight at you and made eye contact with the audience.

We purchased a new plasma flat screen TV a month ago and I haven’t watched a minute of TV on it. The moment you turn it on, you are bombarded by flashing animated characters screaming at you to eat processed sugary treats and buy this or that. I don’t watch the news because all the networks present biased views on all subject matter. The media is completely filtered and full of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, sport scandals. Underlying all this data, there are large multinational corporations who have their own selfish agendas controlling every piece of the content.

The government and the media continually feeds garbage to our minds and they love every minute of it; watching people become more ignorant by the minute, living out their lives in caves within caves. They love it when all we care about is Britney Spears’ weight and who won the Superbowl. They love to watch us eat junk food laden with trans fat while we become fat lazy slobs.

They love to tell you what the American dream is, so you can work your asses off like dogs and buy all the garbage they tell you to buy in celebrity magazines: a nice house with a white picket fence and a nice car – it’s the only way you can be happy, feel a sense of accomplishment, and look better than the Joneses’. So you work longer hours, spend more time in the car commuting to work because your million dollar mansion is 3 hours away from your work place.

You become as oblivious as ever, obese, ignorant, and full of debt. Before you know it, all you know to do is to work like a dog to pay off your debt so you can fulfill your American dream. Which entails watching football, drinking beer, talking about the next American idol, buying whatever the hell people on TV are wearing, listening to shallow hip hop music, and watching garbage Hollywood movies with the same predictable plot.

This is how they keep us in our caves within caves. And we are in so deep that they can go ahead and lie, manipulate, and do whatever the hell they want behind the curtain and we wouldn’t ask any questions because our eyes are off the ball. We don’t pay attention to what’s really going on because our minds and stomach are both filled with force-fed garbage from the media. In the end, we can’t think or move. Adding religion to the pot just further immobilizes free thought and free will. Basing their lives off of blind faith and false beliefs about salvation creates deeper craters within the deep recesses of their minds. While the fatter, the more ignorant and the lazier we become, the more bullshit they can feed us. Sadly in this materialistic world, it’s a loop that nobody can escape from.

In the end, it is about the pursuit of the American dream. The pundits keep arguing how these false candidates will help you achieve this dream. Is it really everyone’s dream to live in a cave within a cave?

Why do individuals say they have found their other half, or that they feel “whole” when in love?

According to ancient Greek plays, our ancestors were divided into three categories: Male/male, male/female, female/female (as opposed to only two kinds of human beings today: the male and female). These humans had 2 heads, 8 limbs, conjoined genitals and were emotionally and physically strong, so much so that they attempted to usurp Zeus the God of all Gods to try to take over his kingdom.

One day, Zeus decided that enough was enough, as he became angry at the antics of these early human beings and used his lightning bolts and split them all in half.

Ever since then, individuals have became deprived and run around trying to look for their other half, and try to “rejoin” each other to recover their primal nature and feel holistic again. The male/male became gays, the female/female became lesbians, and the male/female became heterosexuals, all with the same life time goal of searching for their other halves. And Zeus was well and happy after that because due to the fact that they are so busy finding love and so blinded and weakened by it, they didn’t have time to worry about rebelling against the gods. When they do find each other, all they want to do is to do everything they can to re-gain their wholeness by hugging each other all the time, kissing, having sex, and they never want to let each other go.

The moral of this story: love is irrational, it does not last and it makes you weak.

The chances of you finding your other half who fits exactly to your standards is slim to none. It takes more than a life time to find him or her.

When you get into a relationship, there is 99.9 percent chance that you will be seperated at the end. Even if you do get married, there is a 50 percent chance that it will end in divorce. Out of the 50 percen that stayed together, I would say about 80 percent of them hate their spouse or cheat on each other. So you do the math. The chances of love making you happy is as slim as winning the lottery.

Also, even if you do find your other half, your true love who makes you “whole”, AND THEN WHAT? you aren’t exactly sure what to do either.

You can fornicate, suck cock, deep throat it as far as it can go, eat pussy until your whole head is engulfed in her vagina and do all of that stuff and try as hard as you can to get inside the other person’s body and rejoin as a whole, but at the end, you just can’t do it. You are still a separate entity no matter what, and you are bound to be separated at the end, even if you love each other forever one of them will ahve to die first. So at the end, it’s you and yourslef only. So are you really happier and better off with the other person?

Lastly, love makes you weak. We spend so much time worrying about love and looking for it that it takes our focus away from what’s really important to us, just like our ancestors who became too weak to rebel against the gods after they were chopped in half.

The only way to have a happy marriage is when you get married when you are 92 or just a couple of years before you die. I don’t think i would get married until I find out that i have cancer and only have 1 year to live. People fall out of love after a year or two anyway.

I’m not taking the story literally, it’s just an interesting metaphor.

edited by a. kang