Living in The American Cave.
The debates are so boring. There’s no substance or content, it’s all about image and charisma. It’s probably better to watch it with the mute on. The only reason the Republicans chose Palin is because they were starving for attention to even out with Obama’s supposed celebrity status. Simply put, Palin and Obama are both brands, pulling sparkling flash, fancy bullshit and rhetoric. In hindsight, upon closer observation regarding camera angles of the first debate, there was a clear disparity. You can see that those angles definitely favored Obama with the way he looked straight at you and made eye contact with the audience.

We purchased a new plasma flat screen TV a month ago and I haven’t watched a minute of TV on it. The moment you turn it on, you are bombarded by flashing animated characters screaming at you to eat processed sugary treats and buy this or that. I don’t watch the news because all the networks present biased views on all subject matter. The media is completely filtered and full of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, sport scandals. Underlying all this data, there are large multinational corporations who have their own selfish agendas controlling every piece of the content.

The government and the media continually feeds garbage to our minds and they love every minute of it; watching people become more ignorant by the minute, living out their lives in caves within caves. They love it when all we care about is Britney Spears’ weight and who won the Superbowl. They love to watch us eat junk food laden with trans fat while we become fat lazy slobs.

They love to tell you what the American dream is, so you can work your asses off like dogs and buy all the garbage they tell you to buy in celebrity magazines: a nice house with a white picket fence and a nice car – it’s the only way you can be happy, feel a sense of accomplishment, and look better than the Joneses’. So you work longer hours, spend more time in the car commuting to work because your million dollar mansion is 3 hours away from your work place.

You become as oblivious as ever, obese, ignorant, and full of debt. Before you know it, all you know to do is to work like a dog to pay off your debt so you can fulfill your American dream. Which entails watching football, drinking beer, talking about the next American idol, buying whatever the hell people on TV are wearing, listening to shallow hip hop music, and watching garbage Hollywood movies with the same predictable plot.

This is how they keep us in our caves within caves. And we are in so deep that they can go ahead and lie, manipulate, and do whatever the hell they want behind the curtain and we wouldn’t ask any questions because our eyes are off the ball. We don’t pay attention to what’s really going on because our minds and stomach are both filled with force-fed garbage from the media. In the end, we can’t think or move. Adding religion to the pot just further immobilizes free thought and free will. Basing their lives off of blind faith and false beliefs about salvation creates deeper craters within the deep recesses of their minds. While the fatter, the more ignorant and the lazier we become, the more bullshit they can feed us. Sadly in this materialistic world, it’s a loop that nobody can escape from.

In the end, it is about the pursuit of the American dream. The pundits keep arguing how these false candidates will help you achieve this dream. Is it really everyone’s dream to live in a cave within a cave?