Why do individuals say they have found their other half, or that they feel “whole” when in love?

According to ancient Greek plays, our ancestors were divided into three categories: Male/male, male/female, female/female (as opposed to only two kinds of human beings today: the male and female). These humans had 2 heads, 8 limbs, conjoined genitals and were emotionally and physically strong, so much so that they attempted to usurp Zeus the God of all Gods to try to take over his kingdom.

One day, Zeus decided that enough was enough, as he became angry at the antics of these early human beings and used his lightning bolts and split them all in half.

Ever since then, individuals have became deprived and run around trying to look for their other half, and try to “rejoin” each other to recover their primal nature and feel holistic again. The male/male became gays, the female/female became lesbians, and the male/female became heterosexuals, all with the same life time goal of searching for their other halves. And Zeus was well and happy after that because due to the fact that they are so busy finding love and so blinded and weakened by it, they didn’t have time to worry about rebelling against the gods. When they do find each other, all they want to do is to do everything they can to re-gain their wholeness by hugging each other all the time, kissing, having sex, and they never want to let each other go.

The moral of this story: love is irrational, it does not last and it makes you weak.

The chances of you finding your other half who fits exactly to your standards is slim to none. It takes more than a life time to find him or her.

When you get into a relationship, there is 99.9 percent chance that you will be seperated at the end. Even if you do get married, there is a 50 percent chance that it will end in divorce. Out of the 50 percen that stayed together, I would say about 80 percent of them hate their spouse or cheat on each other. So you do the math. The chances of love making you happy is as slim as winning the lottery.

Also, even if you do find your other half, your true love who makes you “whole”, AND THEN WHAT? you aren’t exactly sure what to do either.

You can fornicate, suck cock, deep throat it as far as it can go, eat pussy until your whole head is engulfed in her vagina and do all of that stuff and try as hard as you can to get inside the other person’s body and rejoin as a whole, but at the end, you just can’t do it. You are still a separate entity no matter what, and you are bound to be separated at the end, even if you love each other forever one of them will ahve to die first. So at the end, it’s you and yourslef only. So are you really happier and better off with the other person?

Lastly, love makes you weak. We spend so much time worrying about love and looking for it that it takes our focus away from what’s really important to us, just like our ancestors who became too weak to rebel against the gods after they were chopped in half.

The only way to have a happy marriage is when you get married when you are 92 or just a couple of years before you die. I don’t think i would get married until I find out that i have cancer and only have 1 year to live. People fall out of love after a year or two anyway.

I’m not taking the story literally, it’s just an interesting metaphor.

edited by a. kang