The following few short entries are taken from my facebook notes.



The best way to get a girl is to consume her and feed her your next girlfriend. Say you meet a girl at the club, and you bring her home. What you need to do is to skin her, hang her by the hooks like a pig, take out the organs and flay the meat from the bones, grind the meat, make them into jerky or reserve it in a can, and put the rest in the freezer and label the meat by the hue of their nipples.

The next time you bring another girl home, serve her a full course meal plus desert using the previous girl’s flesh. She will not only be impressed by the new muscles and the tan you put on after consuming large quantity of gorgeous proteins, she will also be impressed by your cooking skills. On top of it, you will have no trouble preventing your girlfriend from getting jealous of your ex because she will be eating her up.

The more fertile and beautiful women you consume and cook, the healthier, better looking, and stronger you get and the more your cooking skills improve the easier it is to get more girls and so on. Just remember to take a break on the weekends by hunting down fat girls for cheat meals.



My new penis is solid when I’m not turned on. When I’m horny it becomes liquids, and when i orgasm it vaporizes and turns into gas and smoke.


My Worse Night At The Club

I tried asking this girl for her name and phone number at the club. I didn’t know whether or not it was my false hearing or her false tongue or some kind of disturbance in the sound wave, but for some reason, I just couldn’t understand what the hell she was saying; it was like she was speaking in tongue.

For hours, I stood with her in the middle of the dance floor trying to get that damn number. The whole time my stomach was churning like crazy so I began to imagine hundreds of tiny replicas of this girl in Victoria Secret bikinis, drunkened, and riding on a built-in roller-coaster or water park slide that warped and curved inside and around my small and large intestines, screaming with their arms up while puking all over my guts…

With an amusement park in my stomach, plus the fact that I already had a few drink made me sick and I threw up all over her. It was the worse night.

ps. I never got her number.


When I don’t like something, I want to just get it over with all at once so I don’t have to think about it/do it ever again.

When I was a kid I hated eggplants. Whenever my kindergarden teacher forced us to finish our plates, I would always eat the eggplants first to get it over with so I could enjoy the rest of the meal without thinking about eggplants.

Nobody likes to sit in traffic lights. I wonder how many total hours/days/months I have spent and will be spending waiting on traffic lights. If I I could just get over all of the traffic lights at once by waiting under a super long red light that last for 2 years before it turns green without leaving my car and have my step dad deliver me his home made pizza 3 times a day to my car, and have all the lights be green every time I drive for the rest of my life it wouldn’t be a bad trade off….

Or receive speeding tickets or get pulled over by the cops every time I drive or do something stupid every day for the next who knows how long and how many times and just do whatever the fuck I want and drive recklessly and speed like a mofo for the remainder of my life and not get into trouble wouldn’t be bad either.

But what I really want to do is spend an entire year or two on the toilet pooping non-stop. I would poop out a very, very long and continuous string of poop that’s equivalent to the length of all the poop I will ever poop for the rest of my life all connected together – all in one sitting. That way I can finally purchase my dream home with no toilet.

Come to think of it, I much prefer the sleep world over the waking world and I hate waking up each morning from my dreams. I want to stay awake for the next 40 years and collect all the scars reality will leave on my face all at once and just sleep it off with a very long night of sleep for the remaining 20 years of my life…

i want to give birth to an old lady or a corpse, and watch her grow backward and becomes younger and younger, so when I am really really old and ready to leave this world, me and my fetus daughter can both wet my death bed.

Everywhere in the world I look there is a negation, a void, a nothingness, in the place of Her. It’s only through this negation and Her lack of being that her presence is felt. When the lack seeks to be satisfied, and when the expectation of Her presence is fulfilled, she becomes the negation. For as long as I see the world for what is not present, and not for what is, absolute beauty can never be known. Knowing her only through Her absence, as the way I feel the emptiness left by Her departure, is the only truth I know.


So many Asia American girls and guys are skilled faggots and hoes. You can see it in their faces. Their masks and hair is all the same – plain, full of weak instincts, and bear no scars left behind by the craws of reality except for the occasional red glow – caused by accelerated intoxication. They devote their energies to the imaginary, to the nonrealistic, as they gang up together around their phallocentric souped up Civics with their hair gelled to the point where you can see their scalp because they are worried about castration and emasculation by the white supremacist patriarchal society. Their battles are of reputation and words. Just what kind of fight can they put up alone without their ‘backs’ ?