1. I think dead people are overrated. I think it’s ridiculous that people pay so much respect to honks of dead matter, especially when they were assholes when they were alive. Instead of praising them, I think funerals ought to be the best time for everyone to talk shit about and bash the deceased or even spit on them because they wouldn’t be able to feel anything.

2. When I was 5 I caught my Grandpa lifting weights with his penis with my Grandmother sitting next to him in her underwear. When I told my mom what happened she asked me if he had a boner.

7. I’ve been labeled a genius as many times as I’ve been labeled a mental retard.

8. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would climb back inside my mother’s vagina and rest inside her womb so I can become completely dependent on a female.

3. I think the Biblical God is the most violent, destructive, selfish, homophobic, sexist, jealous, closed-minded, ignorant. hateful, and selfish villain ever invented in all of works of fiction and that the idea that the universe was create by GOD is the biggest conspiracy theory ever thought out by men.

4. I’m a nihilistic borderline-eugeniscist, neo-Darwinian who believes that females are biologically inferior to men in everything that we do except for shopping – the modern equivalent of gathering (hunting and gathering).

5. I pumped Diesel in my car and had to spend 1000 dollars to get it flushed out.

6. One time I sprayed gasoline all over myself by accident, and for the rest of the day I worn gasoline as cologne and every believed me when I told them I worked at a gas station.

9. Ruby is my muse. But she hates me.

12. My biggest fantasy as a kid was getting gang raped by a school of Great White Sharks in the swimming pool.

13. I kept the condom from when I lost my virginity at the age 21 in my dairy and yes i keep a dairy.

10. I don’t buy clothes anymore. I borrow people’s clothes and never return them. Today my wardrobe was Billy’s shoes, my mom’s boyfriend’s sweat pants, Dominic’s beater, my dad’s boxers, and a sweater I stole from myself when I was 10 during my time traveling trip to the past.

11. I remember my first birthday like it was yesterday.

14. The first time I had alcohol was when I was 22. I mixed it with protein shakes.

15. I don’t believe in dating, relationships, nor marriage. I believe in long engagements. The longer, the better.

16. I like girls who are funny. I would rather pay a girl to tell me jokes than to give me a blow job.

– 13. I think people who think girls are objectified in porn have it backwards – it’s the men that are objectified, since you only get to see their penises, but never their faces. At least girls show emotions in porn.

ps. Since the premise of this whole deal is to “get to know somebody”, I only tagged people who I don’t know but for whatever reason, added me on facebook