My last post on Vegetarianism angered many people, and I received a lot of hate mail from mainly female liberal vegetarians who I would love more than anything to prey upon and cannibalize. But then again, their brains probably contain very little nutrients from eating only vegetables, so I’ll probably pass and cannibalize on my meat eating, deep squatting co-hunters.

Moving on…this is a rant about Feminism. It doesn’t matter if you are a Marxist feminist, radical feminist, French feminist or a feminine feminist, this might be a rough ride for you, so be prepared to hate and disagree.

Recently I’ve debated over the issue of feminism with quite a few people, most of them are passionate feminists themselves who hold the old-school feminist idea about the bitterness of male-dominated patriarchal society. Their premise is that while biology determines sex (whether we are male because we have a penis, or that we are females because we have vaginas), culture determines gender (whether we act masculine or feminine), and the different traits that we associate with men and women are purely a product of culture based on learning and experiences, and not inborn or biologically determined.

The ultimate goal of these feminists is to change the world by promoting women’s equality and to ensure that women have the opportunities to perform the same tasks and duties and have the same experiences as men. This is because they believe that if given the opportunities, women will perform just as well, if not better on tasks that are normally carried out by men.

Many feminists frown upon fairy tales and Disney movies because they think that the role of a Cinderella is destructive and corruptive to the mind of the youth. This is because these films highlight the male patriarchal ideology prominently by depicting femininity with submission; and that the only way women will live “happily ever after” is to wait for the “rescue” and the protection of a Prince Charming who possesses great wealth, dominance, masculinity, and good looks.

In short, feminists argue that I behave like a man (dominant and masculine for example) and that you behave like a woman (submissively and emotionally) because we were taught to do so by a culture that favors men, and that once these social constructs are emancipated and uncovered, women all over the world will become liberated and happier and that all the differences between gender will be myths.

I can’t begin to tell you how wrong some these claims are; that the ideology of a “male dominated patriarchy society” and “roles of gender” are completely fabricated by culture and society.

It’s CULTURE and the SOCIETY, SOCIETY, SOCIETY! It’s just a social construct! I am so sick and tired of people claiming that everything is socially constructed and that we are all blank slates that which whatever can be written on. People need to get with the program and stop living and thinking in Lockean terms.

We live in the 21st century where modern science is allowing us to prod into our brains with MRIs and uncover the human genome in its complete sequence. There is a shitload of evidence to support the biological differences between how the brains of a female and a male are distinctively hardwired to conclude that sex and gender role differences in behaviors, experiences and roles are not merely social constructs or fabrications. Sex differences are shaped by natural selection for the sake of the species’ long term survival, and these differences in turn give raise to some social consequences. In other words, sex differences determined by biology give rise and shape to gender roles determined by culture.

But neither sex nor gender roles will be eradicated by equal opportunities.

Women are hardwired to be more submissive than men and perform certain tasks such as motherhood and nurturing. Men are hardwired to be dominant and masculine with the roles of protectors and providers. These roles are biologically different, and will always be different, and shouldn’t be tampered and fucked with. Just because there are feminists who are weeping and crying all over the place isn’t going to change nature’s innate truth. You can’t override biology with culture because biology will never catch up to culture.

I don’t think the notion of deconstructing innate gender and sex differences is at all clever. The way radical feminists and Marxists and post-modernists deconstruct nature and reality is actually self-destructive.

But that’s the price we have to pay for having big brains. Intelligence isn’t at all sustainable and has very little survival value. 95 percent of all species that ever existed on this planet perished. The funny thing is that usually, the more intelligent a species is, the faster it becomes extinct. Bacteria lasted for 4 billion years and are still going strong because they do very well without intelligence. On the other side of the extreme, Homo sapiens who are vastly more intelligent than bacteria have only been around for 100,000 to 200,000 years are already on the verge of wiping themselves out.

My point is, intelligence has allowed us to tamper with nature that resulted in more problems than our own intelligence can handle, and in the end we will probably drive ourselves to extinction. These clever Marxists and feminists who think they are “making the world better” by ideologies that completely disregard nature’s truth need to think again and take a closer look at what got them here to engage in their political fantasies and invent crack-head ideologies in the first place.

I hope that you will at least agree with me that humans share 98 percent or more of the same genomes as chimpanzees, and that apes and other primates share with us a common ancestor. So I think it’s only fair to examine the social patterns of our simian cousins when we want to ask questions about ourselves.

Apes and other simians evolved social patterns and behaviors that are adapted to nature. And since they lack the intelligence of feminists, they behave the way they are supposed to behave and play the roles they are designed to play. And even though globalization’s fat underbelly will soon squash and terminate most surviving simians today, I suspect that if we can look at back at the history of our planet after Doomsday, we will conclude that most apes and primates lasted much longer than humans.

But if you look closer at what contributes to their survival, you will find the very same things that Marxists and feminists and other post modern deconstructionists down right reject: HETEROSEXUAL PATRIARCHAL HEGEMONY.

Now, let’s move up the ladder of evolution and examine Homo sapiens in its pre-historical state when they were still living in bands and tribes as hunters and gatherers during the Stone Age.

Here you will find characteristics and behaviors that evolved in parallel and consistent pathways across all tribes and bands, independent of where or when they survived. There was always a division of labor, much the same way we have in many of our cultures today which were shaped by its profound evolutionary roots.

Men hunted, so they needed a stronger body and better spatial visual skill and cognition (Yes, it is common knowledge that men are more visual than women. 95 percent of accomplished artists, musicians, physicists are men. Man gets turned on more easily with visual images). They also protected and defended their offspring and females from threats. These natural roles induced a biologically determined “male dominated hierarchy” that could be found across all culture throughout the history of civilization and also in monkeys, apes and many other species of animals.

Women just aren’t programmed in the Darwinian sense to perform the “dominant” and “protective” roles of men. But they have other duties that are complementary, and just as important. The females were gratefully excluded from the hunters and stayed behind when the men hunted to bond in their own tightly knitted groups to fulfill their natural duty as gatherers, nurturers, and mothers. Thus women are more keenly aware of their emotions, the emotions of others, and inclined to act in a more submissive nature. On rare occasions when women did join the hunting party, they experienced extreme discomforts because evolution did not equip them with the tools to carry out men’s tasks.

And just as women are attracted to a dominant and aggressive male, males are attracted to submissiveness in females because its the best way to invite protection of dominant males, since the combination of high testosterone, low estrogen (masculinity and aggression), and low testosterone, high estrogen (femininity and submissiveness) makes the most fertile and healthy offspring.

Well you might say, that was then, this is now. Why does it matter how the cavemen thought or did in their situation? Everything.

Our bodies, brains and genomes haven’t changed one bit. We are still living inside the armors and shells of hunters and gatherers, and we are still looking at the world through their lenses. (The problem is that the world we are looking at today is a vastly different the world of the African safari. I think this is where most of the problems in modernity come from – the mismatch between biology and the culture we fabricated).

So when we enter modernity, our agendas stayed the same, but are transformed from the literal to the symbolic. Men went out and hunted for money and status and solved theoretical physics equations and put out fire while they still provided and protected the family. Women still stayed behind and nurtured the babies, knitted, housekept, and whenever they can, “gathered” at shopping malls and grocery stores.

These capacities still exist independent of politics and culture. The sex and gender role differences between men and women ring true for all human generations and most hominid primate species for 99.999 percent of the planet’s history. The only reason why feminists have the consciousness to be here, on this planet in post-modernity is precisely because the differences in capacities in females and males, division of labor between sexes and the patriarchy male dominated societies worked and persisted, and that these notions are not “socially constructed”, or “learned through culture”.

Humans and humanoids persisted this way as products of trial and error through millions of years to sustain survival. How long have people been talking about philosophy and politics and ethics for? No more than a few thousand years. How long have feminism, Marxism and other post-modernist ideologies cry about their bullshit for? Less than 50 years?? Come on, it’s only yesterday that women were allowed to vote, and all of those political dreamers think they can override millions of years of natural selection and outsmart mother nature and brainwash everybody to buy into their fantastical ideologies?

The mistake these political dreamers make is confusing equality with sameness. Just because you give men and women equal opportunities doesn’t mean that they will produce the same results and outcomes. Liberation does not mean switching the roles of the oppressed and the oppressor or exchanging the roles between men and women. There will always be tasks and experiences that are better suited for and more satisfying, and should be carried out by men for the most optimum result and vice versa. If you live in a feminist utopia by fucking with nature’s design and disregarding the differences in duties, traits, and gender, the world will fall apart.

Sex and gender role differences and preferences shaped by evolution exert influence on our behaviors and choices in life. Even if women were given equal opportunities as men, for the most part they will still choose to stick to their feminine nature and be inclined to perform duties that are naturally designed and suited for females.

And even if women do take over the duties of men and accomplished what men accomplished, I don’t think they will be happier and more fulfilled because they are going against their natural instincts. Most women should and will always be happier and more fulfilled breast feeding their children than say, working long hours and bringing home a big paycheck. And even if the same number of women were given the opportunities to fly airplanes or solve physics problems and become government leaders or CEOS, men will most likely still outnumber the number of females in achieving excellence in these tasks and experiences.

I always think that sex tells a story better than anything else. Just look at the way most women like to be dominated by their mates in bed. The natural act of penetration itself is a submissive one. Sex and reproduction itself cannot occur without a woman submissively spreading her legs and opening up her vagina for the penetration of a penis. I mean, how submissive is the phrase “fuck me”?

Now, despite my other posts, I am really not some sexist pedophile who thinks you should oppress women and cut off the clitorises of little girls and use them as false teeth. I do think it’s wrong to deny women opportunities and prevent them to achieve excellence. On the other hand, I also think that hardcore feminists or Marxists who try to establish systems with their political fantasies that are arbitrary to nature are imposing beliefs on other women and of monkeys, apes, and pre-historical hominids, humans in the past, present and future who were and will be happy with their submissive roles in HETEROSEXUAL MALE PATRIARCHAL HEGEMONY.

I think all hardcore male chauvinism, radical feminism and deconstructionism distort reality and deny human nature. The key is to find a middle ground between oppressing and discriminating against women and flat out denying nature’s design of innate sex and gender role differences. Give women the rights and equal opportunities and let them choose, but do not try to turn them into men or blame all the world’s problem on white heterosexual male patriarchal hegemony or impose on them the false that men and women are the same when in fact, they are not.