The Problem With Losing Your Virginity Too Early

I feel bad for people who lost their virginity at a young age. They must be bored out of their minds, having to play around with the same old concept of sex for. Nowadays that people are living so much longer, they can, and should, afford to stay babies for longer. 30 is the new 18 because 30 year olds are now doing the things 18 year olds were doing back in the days when people were dying when they were in their 50s.

A few generations back, people lost their virginity at a later age, but they also die younger. So not only can they fantasize sex for a much longer period of time and find out the ugly truth about it until much later on (that it isn’t nearly as great as you imagined it to be, not to mention all the problems that come with it), they are less likely to get bored with the same concept and lack of fantasy. Nowadays people are having sex when they are 12 years old, and since they don’t die until they are 112, they have 100 years to do the same shit over and over again.

That’s too long of a time to experience reality and not enough time to fantasize.

The idea of desiring something is what makes it so exciting. The fire of that desire is put out the moment it is fulfilled.

I think guys in general are more likely to feel this way, I think. Guys look forward to sex a lot more than girls in general, and usually boys start being really curious about sex and begin masturbating and watching porn way before they have sex for the first time.

Girls on the other hand, don’t start thinking about sex until they had it for the first time. But then after they get the hang of it and realize how great it is, they just want it all the time. And because a lot of girls don’t masturbate, they build up all that sexual anxiety inside when they are alone that they cannot release by themselves, they end up wanting sex more than you do when you are together. I swear there are so many times when I had just masturbated 3 times already, and the girl just couldn’t understand that I don’t want it anymore because they are just getting started.