Undress People with Your Eyes.

I don’t know what love is, but I do know what it feels like to have someone undress me. Guys at the gym do it all the time, and so do the girls and even old ladies ; but they do it not with their hands, but with their eyes. The most satisfying and exciting way of undressing another person is to do it with your eyes while leaving their clothes on. The actual flesh, when revealed, is usually horrifying, fragmented, disproportional, too pale or too dark, and full of regret, anger, disappointment. The imaginary body, on the other hand, is idealizes, stylized and much more charming… I know this because when I saw my ex girlfriend naked for the first time in the shower, I noticed that her nipple placement was way off – they were too far apart by a few centimeters. It was awful – the kind of feeling I get when I see a student painting with bad composition. The more I starred at them, the faster they were crawling away from the center of her body. I tried re-adjusting them and pulling them closer together by crossing my eyes, but I ended up given her four sets of displaced nipples.