It’s hard for me to understand why some people are so concerned about keeping everything super nice, neat, organized all the freaking time. I dated this girl who had to fold all her clothes in perfect squares, stash up her books perfectly straight up and perpendicular to the shelf, and make sure that every corner is dustless and it drove me nuts.

It’s a law of nature that things evolve towards chaos and randomness. The order of the system of the room might be increased as you deliberately try to go against nature by being a neat freak; but by wasting energy cleaning your room, you are pouring and replacing the same amount of, if not more disorder back into the atmosphere by burning calories and releasing heat during the physical labor of cleaning. Since it’s harder for things to appear and become even “messier” after the state of disorder reaches beyond a certain point, you can generally leave clean up once in a while without noticing too much additional chaos and disorder. On the contrary, neat freaks who have to see things super organized constantly can never get over their obsessive actions and neurotic mindsets because they are in need of repeatedly repressing the flow of nature, since any minor variation will cause a super organized system to seem a lot more random and disorganized than its initial symmetry.

It’s hard for me to build something that collapses the moment you accomplish it. Since you are bound to create disorder no matter what you do, these people should pour and re-direct that time and energy and disorder into something else that’s more worthwhile and creative a d rewarding; which can be something more sustainable such as writing a poem or painting a picture. Going in circles by making your room looking the same and keeping it organized everyday isn’t all that rewarding to me. I’d rather go with the flow/chaos of nature. clean and organize and control but if u sweat it overboard then it’s a waste of time.

While drunk.

C : Let’s sneak into the movies!
A : Should I take my hat and my sunglasses off?
B : Yeah, shave your head too, and then I’ll skin you, tear off your muscle tissues and organs, deconstruct your bones, put your parts in my backpack, and re-assemble you back together in the dark once the preview starts.
C: Why don’t you just drive your car and crash it into the theater…
B: So we can all chill out and watch the movie in my car like drive-in theaters?

D : I’m gonna swallow your dick so it attaches and becomes a segment of my intestines. Then I will poke your eyes out, eat them, and let your penis digest your own eyes while you observe the phenomena from the inside.
E: ………..

The next morning.

F (male): I had a fucked up dream in your room last night.
G: What was it?
F: I gave birth to a baby, and as soon as it came out of my ass, it ran away with the umbilical cords still attached.
G : …..
F : I didn’t even care. I just went out and hung out with my friends

thoughts on WATCHMEN.Share
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WATCHMEN : A deconstructional, post-structural, atheistic, nihilistic, existentialism, Freudo-Marxist, surrealistic, mega-masculine, and quantum mechanical anti-superhero post-modern masterpiece.

It basically condensed all of my favorite topics/theories under 3 hours plus awesome cinematography and editing. (i’ve never read the comics).

Anybody saw it this weekend?

p.s. I laughed to tears when kid Rorschach ripped a piece off of the bully’s face with his teeth.

Written about 2 weeks ago ยท Comment ยท Like
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Eric Komans at 9:19pm March 8
Don’t read the comics. You’ll get bored and never finish.

Christian Sua at 10:45pm March 8
I’d say otherwise. The letters in between the actual comics are pretty boring for sure. But I thought it was a really good read.

Milton Chan at 11:46pm March 8
actually watchmen is a conservative monotheistic film. If u watch the interview with alan moore he tells u that the main character Rorschach is a conservative liberal hating christian who is the true hero.

Alexander Kang at 12:15am March 9

Jeff Li at 12:37am March 9
Haha I told you! and I haven’t even seen the movie yet, wanna see it again with me?

Frank Yang at 1:53am March 9
The way I read it, part where Dr Manhattan was talking about the watch that assembles itself (Blind Watchmaker) is obviously a reference to atheism and natural selection. And at the end when Dr. Manhattan left earth, Laurie said that “As long as people think that he is still watching over us, we will be alright”. That points to the false, blind, … Read More

Frank Yang at 1:54am March 9
constructed institutions and systems of meaning-making beliefs (life and death, religion, oil pipe-lines, fast-food restaurants, “value” of life such as love, friendships, and empathy and human’s existence in the universe as a whole) and live his “life” completely in the Real, devoid of the all Symbolic curtains… Hence the quotes

“This must be how John sees the world”, or “John sees a lot, but he doesn’t see me”.

“Yet the universe won’t give a shit” … Read More

Cassidy Lee at 2:09am March 9
One of Dr Manhattan’s turning points is when he realizes the sanctity of life, what with that whole dialogue of “O becomes Au”. Later, he says that he’s leaving the galaxy for another, where he will try his hand at making life.

The watchmaker analogy is theist in that “if you stumble upon a watch in the forest, you know someone put it there, that… Read More

Candice Junkin at 4:31am March 9
I haven’t read the comic either, but I’m gonna watch it when it’s released in Australia! ๐Ÿ™‚

Candice Junkin at 4:33am March 9
haha! I just checked the cinema and it’s already released! Tomorrow I shall watch it.

Frank Yang at 9:43am March 9
The watchmaker analogy is theist in that “if you stumble upon a watch in the forest, you know someone put it there, that someone made it, that the component parts did not assemble themselves”

Correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear Dr Manhattan muttered the word “blind” before the word “watchmaker”.

If that is the case then you’ve got it … Read More

Jon Lui at 10:49am March 9
you will appreciate the movie 10x more if you have read the comic, guaranteed. Although parts of the comic are dull and difficult to read, it is worth it to truly experience the brilliance of the movie. Plus the endings are completely different and you’ll see why.

Peter Kang at 4:32pm March 9
The movie was half porn, half story. I love Hollywood

Frank Yang at 5:23pm March 9
^ That’s why it wasn’t Hollywood.

Cassidy Lee at 11:19pm March 9
I see what you mean Frank. He did indeed say “blind watchmaker”. But the collapse of his own construct around Laurie and himself was symbolic of his revelation of the importance of life and his awe of it’s phenomenon beyond his previous understanding of it.

Candice Junkin at 6:43am March 10
I watched the watchmen! It kept me engrossed for the entire movie, and my only complaint is that it didn’t go in depth enough in any of the subjects. The political and historical aspects would be awesome if I was 14 years old again and didn’t watch or read anything of this nature before and missed out on all the references, but overall I feel it … Read More

Candice Junkin at 6:47am March 10
p.s. at least they showed the ‘gory’ bits in this too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Candice Junkin at 6:54am March 10
^p.p.s. Hollywood=paint yourself blue and you can get way with anything.

Frank Yang at 9:12pm March 10
Yeah, the digital penis was crazy. and the sex scene in the desert was one of the weirdest images I’ve ever seen. and Dan’s smile after seeing Laurie kicking ass (realizing that he can now get up) was a big WTF too.

Frank Yang at 9:13pm March 10
In reponce to Milton:
“The main character Rorschach is a conservative liberal hating christian who is the true hero”.

I think it’s quite the oppoiste. Rorschach’s right-wing ideology is a construction that ultimately gets deconstructed. And I think that is one of the main theme of the story – the deconstruction of heros. His fluctuating ink-… Read More

Frank Yang at 9:21pm March 10
and that society is a discursively unstable system of DIFFERENCES, where socialpolitical identities are unstable, open to interpretation, disunified, free-flowing, and always in the process of becoming, but always negotiable. This can all be read on the ever changing dot inks on his otherwise white and empty face…

Milton Chan at 12:29am March 11
haha what very elaborate response elegantly said frank. =)

You are correct about Rorshach’s ink dotted face representing his rejection of his own certainty but that doesn’t make him reach the conclusion that life is meaningless. THe changing dots on his face just represent the aspects of life that have impacted his life most significantly. The aspects of life such as: his mother being a prostitute, the childhood bullying he took in, and the little girl who was murdered. These aspects interpreted within his mask trigger his motivation to right/wrong black/white. Rorscach never believed that society was meaningless, hence ultimately just flawed. If he concluded life was meaningless, than he wouldn’t utilize a single muscle within his body to try to put criminals behind bars or crack the puzzles of crime scenes. … Read More

Milton Chan at 12:33am March 11
He continued on to say” we did” which means that he heavily believes that people should take the responsibility of life rather than toss the blame onto fate/destiny/God. This shows that if he thought life was meaningless, then he would’ve undermined his own philosophy that life requires responsibility because most people who think life is meaningless believe that it is hopeless due to the fact of fate/destiny/God.

Frank Yang at 1:05am March 11
The way I see it, Rorschach’s ink dotted face isn’t about him or his past. It was about how OTHERS see themselves. That was my whole point in the argument, that the central theme of the movie was nihilism, relativism, and deconstructionism. That there is no objective morality, value, and truth – everything is fragmented, subjected to change, … Read More

Frank Yang at 1:08am March 11
“Rorschach never believed that society is meaningless”.

There is a difference between recognizing a meaningless universe that is governed by chance and abandoning beliefs in the society. Just because somebody sees through the veils of ideologies, illusions and other meaning-making systems and falls back on ambiguity and nihilism, it doesn’t … Read More

Milton Chan at 1:09am March 11
interesting way to put it frank. I guess u could be correct about that.

Frank Yang at 1:10am March 11
“Fate didn’t butcher her, destiny didn’t doom her….” “Most people who think life is meaningless believe that it is hopeless due to fate/God/destiny”.

I think you’ve got it backward because that Rorschach quote sounds exactly like an existentialist who realizes the meaninglessness of our universe. Somebody who recognizes his own freedom and … Read More

Frank Yang at 1:16am March 11
thanks for your response and keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚

Milton Chan at 1:25am March 11
Well, weither Rorscach believed in God or not is very controversial and debatable. I still believe Rorscach to be a God loving Christian, but watchmen can be interpreted different ways like you said. Watchmen is like clay, hence having the ability to bend or be molded into different shapes depending on interpretation.

My thinking is just that I believe anybody who lives to do their day job or benefit society for the good of it, or loves anybody, truely doesn’t think society is meaningless no matter what they say. Even if they’re existentialist, they may realize responsiblity and still say life is meaningless, but deep down they know that life does contain a purpose and plan worth living for. … Read More

Alexander Kang at 7:51am March 11

Frank Yang at 2:13am March 17
I think what makes Rorschach a hero is precisely the fact that he was an atheist. He was moral, had integrity, and wanted to do what’s just DESPITE the fact that he didn’t believe in God or an ultimate meaning to existence. He didn’t need to suck up to God like a lot of Christians do. He wasn’t doing the right things in order to gain acceptance … Read More

Frank Yang at 2:15am March 17
of any text.

Frank Yang at 2:18am March 17
and I will put my money down that the writers intended the watchmen to be atheists. The part about the blind watchmaker gave it all away. If the writers intended watchmen to be God loving super heros there wouldn’t be any mention to a watch without a maker.

Jeff Li at 2:39pm March 17
I interpreted the movie just like you did, Frank. Heck, the main theme of the movie was pretty much the idea that morality is subjective, and that there is no such thing as absolute morality. Most of the watchmen were portrayed as aethiest, nihilistic, but also full of integrity… which is what made them heroes in the first place. Take these … Read More

Jeff Li at 2:53pm March 17
“Rorschach is a conservative liberal hating christian who is the true hero”

He really said that? Here’s one of Rorschach’s quotes from the original comic:

” [I] Looked at sky through smoke heavy with human fat and God was not there. The cold, suffocating dark goes on forever and we are alone. Live our lives, lacking anything better to do. Devise reason later. Born from oblivion; bear children, hell-bound as ourselves, go into oblivion. There is nothing else…. Read More

Milton Chan at 10:04pm March 22
eh.. watchmen is watchmen lol. atheist or not. movie was fucking awesome.

This new face book meme is annoying the shit out of me. It’s a terrorizing and violent gesture to reduce, objectify, quantify, and contain individuals into boxes of homogenous, one-dimensioned categorical labels.

I’m looking at one of these pictures right now… and mmm… lets see how I can sort this out:


Everyone needs to stop tagging me as “Exercise Freak” because I don’t want to be tagged and be objectify as just the “Muscular One” because I barely go to the gym anymore and I hate exercising. In fact, the only reason why I lifted was to compete in powerlifting, and not to gain muscles. Since powerlifting is a sport, maybe “The Sportsman” should be a more fitting title.

But if you really know me or have talked to me within the last 6 months you would have realized that I gave up lifting all together to be a full time artist.

Okay, so now you have decided to tag me as “The Artist”. But then you run into a major mistake/fallacy/contradiction by giving up the “Muscular” label to somebody else who is weaker and less muscular than I am.

Oh wait, I also happen to be “The Musician”, and performed as “The Performer” in the Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center on a regular basis. but since people are too busy poking my deltoids, they fail to recognize the fact that I’m a virtuoso violinist with perfect pitch.

But hey! one person did tag me as “The Photographer” *CLAPS* after realizing that I was a better photographer than the last person who was tagged because i took naked pictures of her to show her boyfriend.

But then she decided to untag me because I gave up photography and re-tag me as the “One Who Never Stops Eating”, since I helped her lose weight by showing her how I ate a low-carb, high protein meal every 2 hours for 8 times a day.

But since my hands have been full from reading all of the following books at once:

How to Catch a Bird – Richard Dawkins.
On the Origin of Slaves – Augustine Rodin.
Logic and Knowledge – Bertrand Russell.
The Communist Manifesto – Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Time, Space and the Fabric of Reality – Brian Greene.
Contingency, Irnoy, and Silidarity – Richard Rorty.

….I have decided to reduce my diet to eating only 5 meals a day, which should be fine with everybody because I’m sure a lot of fat people on facebook can replace my “Can’t Stop Eating” title with ease.

But even with all that reading, I’m sure nobody would bother to tag me as “The Geek”because nobody really reads, and people who don’t read assume that nobody else reads.

Speaking of reading, if you have been reading my facebook motes, you should know that I’m a prolific “Dreamer” who writes down dreams about eating out my mother.

By this point, half of you are probably thinking….

“Mmmm, maybe I should have tagged Frank as “The Invisible One”, or “The One Who Disappear” because I had no idea that these other parts of him existed because I haven’t even talk to him or seen him in years and we were never even friends to begin with!”

The other half of you are probably thinking “Jeez, what a cocky bitch Frank is, he thinks he is good at everything!”

But when you go down the list you realized that “The Cocky One” isn’t one of the choices – GASP! What a short sighted and incomplete list this is!

Then again, if you look more carefully, the labels that best suit my current profession, interests and states of affairs : “The Sculptor”, “The PawnBroker”, “The Film Director”, “The Video Editor”are also missing from the picture.

But if you decide that you can’t pass on this meme without tagging me, please tag me as “The Murderer” because I swear if I get tagged one more time, I will fucking kill you.

And since I’m probably going to be a “Clumsy One” while trying to be the “Brutal One” in the rare given circumstance of murdering, I’m probably just gonna give you a huge cut across the dick without actually killing you, and to avoid having you suit me (and the fact that I am constantly depressed), I might just end up killing myself.

So at the end, you will have no other choice to tag me as the one who is

“Resting in Peace”.

My body.Share
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As a body of dynamical and non-analytical machines that houses positive and productive desires, I am always seeking connections and instantaneity to retain a world full of complete break-flows. My desires flux of energy that are decentralized and a discontinued. For such desire is power. It is not a lack or an act of fulfillment on the lost object, but a drive towards connections and relations. When I squat and sculpt from clay, I want to pursue the nomadic and the multi-vocal rather than the segregative. I want to feel like a ‘body without organ’ – a domain without organization which allow the mind to break free from its socially constructed disciplines into a new state of disarticulation and dismantlement where anything and everything is possible. When I reach that stage, my body is in docility.

This ‘docile’ body is a virtual kind – a body of plurality, multiplicity, transformation and becoming. When activated, it is a body freed of temporal infliction and habitual traits of static movements – a historical moment where the disciplines unfolds back onto itself to disclose the birth of a complete art of the human body. This art aims at utility and function, where the body rearranges its own political anatomy in accordance with the growth of new skills and stronger forces. This is used to fulfill the ultimate task of calculating the subjected intensification that increases the mastery over one’s own body, and over the bodies of other beings until they are manipulated to the point of the analytical and the static in a closed and deterministic system.

Vampire Batman.Share
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Vampire Batman lives a cave underneath a shopping mall. After the mall closes at night, Batman climbs out of his cave to steal and collect bits and pieces of clothes and fabric from name brand stores to construct his costume.

Like Vampire bats, this Batman could only live off blood, a very specific type of blood – blood from a teenage girl’s period. During the day, Batman would come out of his cave and walk around the mall as a mascot in disguise and use his hypersensitive hearing to detect the shedding of the uterine lining inside the bodies of pretty young girls. He would then seduce and lure them into the Bat cave, hang them from a thick rope, and twist them by the waist to squeeze out every drop of their blood into his cup. On days when he feels very hungry, he would hang himself upside down from the ceilings of various changing rooms and attack them while they are naked and eat them out right on the spot. Afterwards, he would fly back into his cave for a good nap.