A : I’m getting a tattoo.

B: That’s nice. Where are you going to put it?

A : On my low back or near my genitals…I don’t want people to see it. Only people that matter get to see my tattoo.

B: Then why don’t you just cut up yourself and put the tattoo on the back of your skin, or on your intestines, or on your spine and then sew yourself back up. That way only people who cut you open get to see it?

I like tattoos when they are artistic and expressive… But i wouldn’t get them because since you can’t change them, I would eventually get bored of them.

If there were tattoos that can tell me jokes, cuss at me, fall in love with me, move all over and around my body, swirl around my brain and spinal cord, change shapes and colors, or even jump out of my skin then I would definitely get some.