the boundary of language/limits of thoughts and communication.Share

Human conditions such as sensations, subjectivities and experiences are psychological, internal, private, and ontological. Such individual experiences are not always part of the public and social sphere. They cannot always be shared and communicated with tangible signs and symbols of the objective language. Language sometimes isn’t the best way to communicate precisely and paradoxically because it is a biological and an essentially instinctual adaptation for communication.

As much as language allows us to communicate with others and to gain access to the material world, it does the opposite as well: Language can undermine our abilities to communicate and know the world. Language is both a window of our experiences with the world and the cave in which we are forever trapped and bounded in.

Since language was adapted for communication, it is a tool for conformity, and any thoughts that are expressed with language have already been translated to public/social-signs that everyone could understand. And because it is such a “public” activity to be engaged in, language itself censors and undermines individuality and subjectivity. Anything expressed in language is already more or less accepted by society. In this notion, language serves not as windows, but prison walls of thoughts and individuality.

Sometimes to be an individual human being is to find ways to think and express yourself beyond language and speech. Artists (musicians, architects, poets, painters, dancers, sculptors) come closest to be able to do this. Artistic and musical abilities and activities can allow us to escape the boundary of language. But the problem with this is that sometimes artistic and musical creation is coupled with disorder, irrationality and lack of reasoning and stability.

For the mind to endure, certain conceptual schemas and structures that are rational in nature must still be obtained, pursued, and conditioned. Artistic and musical creation, rational thinking, scientific inquiry, and common sense should all be embedded in a single mind.