I really want to dance alone. I want to dance and sing alone at a club in the morning after everyone else leave for the night. I want to start a chain of clubs for people who are self conscious about their dancing called “Club For The Lonely Person”. It will only have enough space to fit in one person. It will be like an elevator space but it will have all the lights and music and atmosphere that a regular sized club has – it will just be smaller…

In contrast, my second ideal club is a big, empty space. Everyone would come in with his own ipods headphones, and 3D goggles, helmets with lights attached to them. This way, everybody can dance to his own music under their own light, and nobody would complain about the music.

If i do have to dance with another person, it won’t require too much movements and motions, space and energy. My favorite kind of dance is a very efficient, it’s called the Frank Yang Metaphysical Dance – You stand still and face each other with arms to your side and roll your eyeballs to the music.