“Art loses its meaning as soon as it’s understood”.

It seems to me that the mechanics of the brain and mind automatically seem to think rationally to organize the chaotic and uncertain events in the world and put them into a perspective that makes sense to the individual. The mind is a narrative making system, evolved by natural selection to “make sense” of the world in order to navigate in it spatially and temporally for the purpose of survival. But thought is one thing, reality is another. The conscious brain, the “meaning-making” part of the mind is only a small part of the mind as a whole. Most of what goes on in our brain is unconscious, and most of what’s unconscious is irrational and unacceptable by cultural standards. The interior reality and external reality, the dream world and the waking world, and the conscious and the unconscious should undergo processes of unification more often, in order to finally become one. The interior and the external forces are not contradictions, but are rather reciprocal attractions and interpretations that systematically act upon one another.

The world doesn’t make sense most of the time, and it’s hard for people to accept this fact. Modern physics proves this point; that reality is made up of fragmentations of irrationality, chaos, randomness and principles that are based on uncertainty. To predict and measure one thing is to distort the outcome of its very own measurements and predictions. I think that dreams, the irrational, the random, and the unconscious are underrated. Sometimes people need to stop being so anal about making sense of things by trying to put everything into perspective and just go with the flow and embrace the things that don’t make a whole lot of sense. I think to perceive the world as a whole and to deepen the foundation of the reality and be ever more passionate about the world, you must embrace both aspects of reality; the rational and the irrational, dream and reality, the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the symbolic as if they are one and the same thing, and not privilege one over the other.

The idea that a person might move beneficially between the poles and the spaces between the rational and the irrational, the light and the dark, the conscious and the unconscious should be emphasized. And I think art, film, and literature, are one of the best ways to express and explore this polarity and dichotomy. They say that as long as you figure out the meaning behind a piece of artwork or a film, it ceases to become interesting. I tend to agree with that statement. Sometimes people look at a piece of artwork, read a poem, or watch a movie and walk away with a befuddled expression and call the work stupid, weird, and senseless. Yes, it is baffling to the mind to not be able to fully comprehend the meaning of behind piece of work, but sometimes that is exactly what the artist or the writer’s intention was – to emphasize the randomness and the chaotic nature of life and to show the viewer that not everything needs to be rational, and that sometimes it’s okay to not make sense.