Sculpting the Whole World.

If I have the power to obtain immortality and have all the time there is and ever will be, I would like to embark on an enormous artistic endeavor. I will figure out a way to ask the whole world to pose for me or invent a device to freeze the world so I can model and create an exact duplication of its entirety. I want to make sculptures every EVERY single object and person on earth. The end product will look just like the earth. The only differences will be that my sculpture of the world will be non-utilitarian and useless, and that nothing in it will have colors – all objects will be glazed and painted in various shades of grey. I will start at the inner core of the earth, work my way up to the mantle, crust, the hydrosphere and lastly, the atmosphere. I will then work on the objects on the surface of the earth by using various materials such as clay, paper, plastic, metal, plaster, wood, and stone to re-create copies of everyone on this planet, life sized. I will make every person in the world my model and make them in the exact positions and gestures, expressions, and temperament they were asked to pose in or were frozen in. I want to create a sculpture of every blade of grass, every drop of water, every petal of every flower, every single grain of rice on every plate of leftover foods, every piece of clothing, every single car, house, animal, insect, guitar, coin, chair, table, spoon, stained underwear, broken condom, bloody tampon, every word in every page of every book embedded in every range of emotion from love to hate, pride to fear, etc and etc and etc.. Lastly, I will make a final figure sculpture of myself sculping myself sculpting myself sculpting myself sculpting myself. I will regress into an infinite cycle and become smaller and smaller until I am condensed into the size of a clay particle., Then I will flow into the deep space of the universe and watch my sculpture mound itself right along side the real earth and as they spin together in harmony from outer space and be hailed as the greatest sculptor the universe has ever known.