Yesterday I had an awkward silent moment with a 3 year old who could baly talk. But today, I was alone in a room with a 2 month old infant who could not talk at all. The awakwardness of complete silence between me and this other individual was unbearable to say the least.

I have discovered a method that pushes the boundary of being and my physical self into a space and time of total rejuvenation, liberation, and enlightenment. Most people turn on the fan or the air conditioning system when they are hot, and turn on the heater when they are cold. They consume cold drinks in hot weather, and drink hot coffee or tea during cold weather. I do the exact opposite. I like to turn on the fan and the air conditioning system when it’s already cold. I especially like to do this when I go to sleep during the winter. Then I would wear a lot of clothes or wrap myself in thick blankets to feel cozy. On the other hand, I turn on the heater when it’s extremely warm and then take off all my clothes and eat ice cubes. I like to eat shaved ice or drink ice tea under extremely cold conditions, and drink boiling hot water or coffee in the middle of hot summer days.

Usually people take Viagra when they can’t get a hard on, sleeping pills when they have trouble falling asleep, drink coffee or ingest caffeine when they are tired and sleepy, take pain killers or Advil when they feel pain and discomfort, and ingest stool softeners when they are constipated. Again, I do the exact opposite. It is when I have an extreme hard on that I decide to take Viagra pills in order to increase and expend the potentiality and the physical boundary of my penis beyond its normal horizon. It is when I am already tired and sleepy that I take sleeping pills, so that I can dive deeper into my subconscious mind and dream within dreams, sleep within sleeps to open up door way after door way, of crossing space. It is when I am feeling extremely energetic and hyper and awake that I indulge in caffeine or drink coffee. It is only when my body is feeling healthy and completely pain free that I take Advil and pain relievers. And it is when my shit is most soft and slippery and when my pooping pattern is at its maximum degree of regularity that I decide to take stool softeners. The container for my ego expands beyond its regular horizon when I engage in this method, and I am able to comprehend and perceive reality’s extra and hidden fabrics and dimensions – a space and time of undivided whole, free of chaos, disorder, and fragmentations where the intensities of desires are broadened and redirected in ‘lines of flight’ beyond normal sensori motor-schemas to become-other through what is more than oneself.