One of the reasons why I’m not planning on getting married is because of a fairly well-kept secret : If you were married to somebody, and that if you lack bed space, then you are bound to catch each other’s bad breath in the morning. Nobody talks about it. Even very close couples don’t discuss this problem with each other. But both parties know that the problem exists and that it’s unavoidable. I wouldn’t be able to face this reality because I might die by holding my breath and then falling asleep without remembering to breath again. But for those of you who are planning on getting married or is living with your significant other, I have designed a few sleeping postures and positions that might allow you to avoid facing bad breath without having to hold your breath while looking like you are not trying to hold your breath. The key is to act nature, like you are not deliberately trying to avoid bad breath while avoiding it at the same time.

covering up your nose without looking like you are trying to cover your nose.
holding on to each other tightly. But breath into the same direction.
Create just enough space for the bad air to dissipate. But not so much space that it looks like you are avoiding each other’s breaths.
Stay close while burying your face into the pillow.
If none of the above works, then you might want to try sleeping in this position.
“the best way is… always sleeping alone”.