Somtimes i get so lazy to travel to places that i wish the whole earth would slide underneath my feet while I stay completely still so that the places I want to go to would come to ME instead of me going to them.

I am opening up a food stand on the street that sells a special kind of food, called ‘negative foods’.

My foods don’t occupy in the 4 dimensional space-time because they are curled up in extra dimensions that are hidden. These foods negate…as their presence create little holes that break up the smooth continuum of both the internal/subjective and the external/objective realms of reality. It’s very hard to extract these foods from where they are situated; the only way to do so is to suck them out of their habitats with my spinning anus.

Now when you eat and swallow negative food, it will create tiny little black holes inside your stomach, and you will feel HUNGRIER and LIGHTER, as consumption means being consumed at the same time. Since negative food is the reverse of regular food, it will be consumed when you are full, and not when you are hungry. It will be useful when you ate the wrong kind of regular food or for cleaning out your stomach, or if you want more room in it to taste more regular food or simply to keep up with your fat date.

Other than the feeling of hunger, there are also other psychological and phenomenological effects…as your sense of being will become emptier, fainter, and more condensed. But keep in mind, using my food to lose weight probably isn’t very efficient because my food isn’t designed for this purpose (you would still need to hit the gym, for there is no shortcut for losing weight!). You will feel lighter in spirit, but not necessarily thinner in a physical sense, although the psychological negation resulted upon ingestion might still cause the body to diminish. Which means that you will most likely lose yourself in an ontological and phenomenological manner, as your memories and perceptions will fade and dilute. Overall your ego and its deepest essence will slowly divert, and then dissolve and disperse, where the contradiction between opposites extends to full degrees, so that the duality of mind and matter may finally repudiate each other to form pockets of voids for you to evaporate within in order to BECOME nothingness…