Imagine a whole punch of lottery tickets, each with a different number on it. They are piled up in a pile as big as your imagination can hold. They could be as big of a pile as the collection of all the human shit from the entire planet, or as big as the entire universe itself, or even better, INFINITELY large. It’s the easiest and the least problematic task for me to plunge my hand into the pile of infinitely large lottery tickets to pick one out. Any ticket that I pull out will have a number on it that is the only instance (out of all the instances of infinity) that I could pick THAT number out of the whole pile. This is when I would jump up and clap my hands and scream at the top of my lung in regards to how utterly incredible it is that I had picked out THIS particular ticket at THIS particular instance out of the infinite amount of particular instances and cards and tasks. But this sense of wonder and amazement is entirely a conceptual and cognitive illusion because it is totally misplaced. I could EASILY pick out any ticket and at any moment and have said and felt the same thing. This is a moment where, upon reflection, feels amazing, but yet at the same time trivial and not in the slightest bit odd or extraordinary.

I think the amazing thing about this consideration is not the thought experiment itself, but the fact that it applies to all questions and states of affairs in regards to ANYTHING that exists. The sense of extraordinary can be valid in describing the existence of any particular person(or the question of why a particular person should exist at all). Or even an event as trivial as having coffee at this particular person at this particular moment on this particular day, or me sitting here at this particular time typing this particular word (how miraculous!) Even if there were parallel universes that exist simultaneously or infinitely, there would not be any surprises that THIS particular one exists, yet it feels utterly extraordinary that it does. The only valid ground for surprise is that anything exists at all – that the universes themselves (or the lottery tickets) are there in the first place.