I haven’t seen a movie in 6 months. I just can’t sit through a movie anymore because whenever I watch a film, the images on the screen would be in conflict with the images I generate with my mind. In fact, my mind is my own best movie projector because YOUR mind always produces the best images for YOU. There are so many movies lined up in my mind that I can watch them all day, whenever and whereever I want.

Sometimes I would even watch 2, 3, 4 or even 10 movies at once and run them in parallel. Other times I would start in the middle and go backwards in one direction and forward in another. You just can’t do that while you are watching a movie that is played by an external projector

Also,the mind projector is a lot more entertaining and flexibe because it doesn’t just generate images. It also has the capacity to produce concepts and words and numbers. That’s the best part about it… not only could it produce pre-visual “images”, it can even create pre-conceptual, pre-linguistic thoughts…like the “language of thought” itself…thoughts in their purest forms… before they are translated to images or words or numbers or concepts.