Consciousness could be the resurrection of the non-spatial properties that was dormant before the Big Bang. Reality was non-spatial before the Big Bang, and with the bang, space came into being. But what about the aspects of reality that were non-spatial? Where could such properties re-emerge after space had been established? Perhaps in the brain itself…Once systems that are complex enough arise (the brain), this could somehow enabled the non-spatial dimension of reality to re-emerge and resurrect into the modern world as consciousness…consciousness could then be a type of immaterial and non-spatial fossil that existed before the Big Bang. If this is the case, then each one of us carries with us, inside our bodies, some type of immaterial substance that is so ancient that it precedes the existence of everything that we can conceive of…and it is indeed with this substance that this thought itself becomes possible.

This could be one way to explain the mind-body dualism..