I’m imagining the physical impossibility of carrying a pimple that is bigger than my entire body.The thought experiment gave me an idea for a public sculpture:I want to extract the puss out of every single pimple on earth, mix it with and inject it into latex and plaster and other suitable materials to build a gigantic pimple that is to be installed at the earth’s south pole. It will be earth’s first achne.

An elephant mates with a rat…what would that look like?

There are two types of people in the world. Type A imagines the elephant sticking its cock in the rat’s pussy, type B imagines the rat sticking its dick in the elephant’s vagina.
Which type are you?

I woke up and saw my 90 year old Grandpa taking a nap in his usual spot – on the couch in the living room. Except this time he had shrunk into the size of a squirrel. So I picked him up and wrapped him onto a remote countrol car with ducktape, and then drove it full speed into a tree and watched it explode.

had a lucid dream:I repeatedly leap off a 20 story building to land on old ladies.I would make them spread their legs on the ground and then jump off with an erected penis to directly penetrate them upon landing(with good aims). Or I’d land on their heads with my feet and drive them straight into the ground. Or I’d jump off in a squat position and land on their heads so their heads would be stuck in my ass