Me: Did she ask you any weird or personal questions about me?

Alex: Yeah, but I didn’t say anything.

Me: Good.  Alex Kang, my loyal friend.

Alex: Yes, that is why I am your most loyal friend.

Me: Like a dog.  You could masturbate with a dead fish in front of your dog and won’t feel the slightest bit of embarrassment or awkwardness because you know it won’t tell a soul.


I think, in a way, pets are ideal companies.  As human beings, we are always acting and faking in front of other people in order to maintain an image that is adequate in a given situation.  Even in front of people we are closest to, we wear masks to conceal our true selves and egos.  We wear masks in front of others.  We put on different masks in front of different people and under different situations.  Getting to know someone is an act of stripping away that person’s masks.  As we get to know someone on a deeper level, we begin stripping away our masks to disclose our true nature.  When we interact with people we barely know, we put on multiple layers of them.  But In front of significant others or family member or best friends and others who we are closest to, we might only be wearing 1 or 2 layers of such metaphysical masks.  But even when you are alone, at least one layer of mask is still on your face because you are always self-deceptive.  Even a simple act of looking yourself in the mirror is self-deceptive because you are always looking for the best angles under the best lighting conditions when you look at yourself in order to appear more beautiful than you actually are. Thinking about yourself is also always deceptive because you tend to idealize yourself by highlighting your good traits and negating your bad ones.  We always think we are better than what we actually are. I think the only time when that last layer of mask comes off is when you are dead, but then you can no longer see yourself. 


It is exhausting to maintain such images without a certain degree of frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion.   And this is where pets come in.  People like to be around pets and animals because they are non-judgmental.  You can always relax and act as yourself in front of your pets and strip away almost all of your masks.  Interacting with pets is so comforting and relaxing because you wouldn’t need to give a shit about what they think of you.  So indeed, your best friend is your pet, and your pet is your best friend.