On Why Men Will Do Anything For Sex.
We like sex and food for an obvious reason – survival. The ultimate and largely unconscious goal of any organism is the continuation of its very own species. But to ensure that a species survives collectively, each individual member must do its own part – to have enough food to survive in order to have enough energy to find the best possible mate to pass on your genes with. Sex and food are interestingly woven together to form the basic fabric of life. Our male cave-dwelling ancestors often use the motivation of sex to go out and risk their lives to hunt big game. Then routinely use the meat they collected as a symbol of their fitness, courageous, devotion, and status in exchange for sex from the females as a reward. Old habits die hard, as we still utilize this technique today. What must be done on a date before your female date grants you sex? A nice meal (usually and preferably some sort of expensive meat like steak) in a nicely lit restaurant.

Sex is almost the motivation to all elements and aspects of life – from making art to getting a college education to making the big bucks to buying a new car and a new house. Indeed, most of our actions and thoughts are inquiries to status symbols to impress the opposite sex – for the ultimate purpose and pleasure of sex itself. Interestingly, I realized that the desire for food and sex can almost never exist simultaneously. In other words, it’s hard to be horny when you are hungry, and we are almost never hungry when we are horny – as if these urges are so strong, too strong for our systems that our bodies can’t afford to take care of them of them concurrently.

It is worth noting here that it is with the rise of civilization and the establishment of an authoritarian patriarchy, and the beginning of the division of classes that suppression of sexuality began to take root. The collective and political interest of the society and the personal/private sexual desires come into conflict with each other to create discontent and the deformation of the psyche. The moral inhibition of people’s natural sexuality through the formation of a strong super-ego can severely impair people’s thoughts and critical and aesthetic faculty. The bundles of our sexual needs and desires cannot be manifested through a healthy and vital life-impulse. Instead, they are often repressed and burdened, making us ‘good’ and ‘docile’, as we cripple through life with fear and shyness.

However, the sexual wills and energy of individuals must still be released, but they can only be manifested and organized in ways that are acceptable within society’s rigid laws and rules. Some of these manifestations include art making, money making, playing sports, studying hard at school, and etc. So whenever you see somebody working their asses off at the gym, chances are they he or she is sexually frustrated and can only channel their desires through activities that are acceptable in society. I can speak from personal experience here. A few years back I was shy and anti-social…I did not know how to talk to girls at all and had no sexual experience whatsoever. My inability to have sex probably led to my physical and mental conquests and achievements in the weight room, as I was taking out my sexual frustration by working out harder than anybody else. I was working my butt off at the gym, but all I really wanted to do was to have sex. But now I can have sex anytime I want to, and this probably took away some of my motivation to lift heavy and set records at the gym, for my desires don’t have to be re-channeled and re-manifested anymore because they are in direct contact with their sources of fulfillment. Instead of lifting weights to release my sexual tension, I can just… well, have sex to satisfy my end goal and the ends to all means.

The truth is, if we could all have sex wherever and with whoever we desire, then we might lose some of the motivation to make art, get stronger, or make more money than your friends, enemies, and next door neighbors. Indeed, I think most of the achievements in civilization come from the manifestation and the ‘unnatural’ re-channeling of sexual instincts and desires.

Let’s stop here and talk a little bit about mate selection in evolutionary psychology to make things more clear. In all species where the female makes greater parental investment than the male, mating is a female choice. Sperm is cheap, so males can get away with, and is biologically willing to sleep with a lot of different people. But an egg only comes once in a month, so the females have to be very careful who she gives this egg to in order to ensure that the offspring is nice and fit. In other words, females are much choosier than males in terms of who they are willing to have sex with. Sex happens NOT when a guy decides it should happen, but it happens when the female wants it to happen, and with whom she wants it to happen with. Males almost have no say in when or whom to have sex with because it is completely up to the females to decide who gets some and when.

Imagine a society where sex is entirely a male choice. What would happen in such a society? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, because all people would do is have sex all the time. Nothing would get done because people would be too busy having sex all the time. There would be orgies everywhere. Every party would end up as a sex party. People would be having sex on the street, in the toilets, on the train, in their cars, etc. This explains why gay people have a lot more sex partners than their straight counterparts. Gay people bounce off their sexuality off of other males who also want the same thing. But straight people bounce their sexuality off of females who are much choosier with whom they want to sleep with. Women often say no to men, and the fear of rejection, and the will to impress females have led men to conquer lands and win wars, to paint and sculpt masterpieces, to compose symphonies, to write books, to build cathedrals, make scientific discoveries, play in rock bands and sports teams…all so that females would sleep with them. Yes, men do everything just to get laid. And if sex is ultimately a male choice, and not a female one, and if men don’t have to impress girls to get pussy, then there would be no computers, no music, no art, literature, sports…nothing! Males have, through out history, both created and destroyed civilizations just to impress females and to get laid. I think this also explains the fact that why there are so many male accomplishments, but not so many female ones. Females don’t NEED to engage in all these creative and intellectual and physical endeavors to impress males. All they really have to do is put on make up, dress nicely, do their hair well. Indeed, for a man to walk into a club and have choice of any women he wants, he would have to be the ruler of the free world. But for a female to have the same power over men, all she has to do is her hair.

I think this also explains why so many artistic and scientific geniuses peak when they are still quite young. It is statistically proven that scientists and artists make their greatest contributions and discoveries in their late twenties and early to mid thirties, and that there are very few worthwhile discoveries and contributions from people who are married. Why is this? Well, after you are married, you stop competing for the attention of females and you tend to stop trying so hard to be creative and productive. This could be another reason why I wouldn’t want to get married. For marriage desists you, makes you weaker, less motivated and less creative. Just think of the gym rats that you know who stopped working out and turned into fat pieces of lard after they got married. When you have no motivations to win pussy, you stop trying so hard in life.

The ironic thing is that the more technologically advanced we are, the more civilized our society becomes, and the more our basic and natural sexual instincts get denatured and oppressed. This leads to more re-channeling and manifestation of these suppressed desires, which might result in more technological and artistic advancement that would in turn suppress even more of our instincts. So at the end of the day, are we happy with all these technological goods? Are they making our lives better and easier? Yes and no… but I don’t think any technological goods can replace our most basic desire – to get laid so that we can pass on our genes to the next generation to ensure the species’ survival.