-I must have had too much to drink because everyone at the club looked and dressed exactly the same… they were all you in your middle school uniforms. I went around and danced with all of you, and I asked for your numbers and by the end of the night the only numbers and names that were in my phone was yours…same numbers, same names, same faces. All of you decided to come home with me, so at 4 AM I borrowed my butcher friend’s truck and loaded all of you onto the back of it like pigs ready to be transferred to the slaughter house…. I took the time to undress and examine all of your bodies. And I discovered that none of you were truly female or male, as if you were made out of a hundred little tiny sexes. You had sex organs of various shades and shapes and sizes that were ranged in-between a penis and a vagina, but none of you had a true penis or a true vagina. Finally we all went to sleep, and since you couldn’t all fit onto one bed, some of you slept in the corners of the kitchen, some were left stuck in the bathtub, while others were spread out in the backyard.

I remember when I was a kid I bought a whole tank of gold fish. But since there were too many fish in one tank, they couldn’t all be sustained and kept alive so by morning half of them would be dead. That’s what happened to you. I was awoken by a foul smell. Half of the odor was from the collective bad morning breaths from those of you who were still alive, but the other half was from your corpses that were decomposing by the minute….

-Your face started to swell up because you had eaten my birthday balloons for breakfast. You looked like one of those corpses that had been in the water for too long. The more swelled and blown up your face became, the smaller and thinner your body was, as if all the atoms of you body were transferring themselves to become your head. Finally, your whole body disappeared, and all that was left was a big, blown up head that filled up half of the room. As you hover in mid-air, I asked myself “would I still love you if all you were is an oversized head?” My answer was “no”, so I took a needle and popped your head, and suddenly you were out of existence…

-I dream about you often. But you always look different in my dreams. You never look quite the way you look in reality, but I knew it was you that I was dreaming about. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen you for so long and that my memory of your face is fading, so in my dreams it tries to recapture and make up for what I had forgotten and lost…and it came out different each and every time. In other words, whenever I think of your face it never quite look exactly like you because I had partially forgotten what you looked like and those faces that weren’t your faces got pushed into my dreams and became your face in there. One time you looked exactly like my ex girlfriend. But I knew appearance is deceiving, and that on the inside, it was really you, as if your brain waslocked inside my ex girlfriend’s body, or that you werethinking with her brain. And then I “woke up”, only to find myself inside another dream. In this new dream, I told you what I dreamt about in the original dream, and how you looked just like my ex girlfriend. But in this new dream you looked more like yourself. Your face was morphed in between your face in reality and my ex girlfriend’s face, as if you had sex with her and gave birth to a hybrid. And then I “woke up” again, only to realize that my second dream had given birth to a third dream, and in this dream I repeated what I told you in the other dream about how I was dreaming about you and then woke up into another dream of the same kind. But your face had completely transformed into that of your own.