Making music is the only endeavor that I can activate my entire brain to display its multiple intelligences all at once.Music playing involves the cerebellum(movements and motion),the limbic system (emotions),and finally the cortex(creative, analytical and abstract thinking, planning and reasoning).Good music is the result of all parts of the brain functioning together to form wholes from parts,and parts from wholes.

‎Unlike weightlifting which involves mainly the cerebellum, and reading philosophy which involves mostly the cerebrum, and talking to your girlfriend,which invovles the limbic system, music making cannot be the result of an isolated part of the brain, it must invovles the brain in its entirety, which is why I think music training should be part of a child’s educational curriculum…it creates a super brain that will carry over to all asepcts of life, no matter what your professions and interests are, even if they are outside music.

I’ve never seen a good musician who is dull. Finding a good musician without a sharp mind is as unlikely as finding a world class athelete without muscles.

And when I say music, I’m talking about classical music and actually playing an instrument because listening and lip singing to Akon, Lady Gaga, or Eminem is NOT going to help you build a better brain.

Question: whats with the chills when i listen to certian music?

Answer: Goosebumps (piloerection) is the result of the activation of minute muscles that surround hair follicles distributed through out the body. It is one action of the flight and fight response (sympathetic autonomic nervous system). Primates piloerect to expand their size (with hair standing on end it makes them look bigger) in order to threaten their enemies.

In humans, piloerection shifted its use. When we feel like we are expended beyond our skin (when we listen to good music, or watching a touching scene from a movie), we get goosebumps. This happens during activities that we feel as if we are physically and spiritually connected to other group members, as our sense of self is expanding beyond our physical boundaries to fold into a collective.