My new short film : MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE COP

This video depicts the loneliness and alienation of unacquainted love and its relationship with time and identity.   The three versions of the main character represents the three aspects of the psychic apparatus defined in Freud’s structural model of the psyche.   The middle aged version represents the ego, the young version represents the id, and the police represents the super ego. 

The middle aged version of the main character in the beginning of the film acts in accordance with reality principle.  He displays the rational and the organized part of the personality as he patiently awaits for his girlfriend outside of her house.   However, after she informs him that she was with her ex boyfriend and is unwilling to come out to greet him, his Id took over his psyche as he recedes back to his younger self – somebody who acts upon pleasure principle and is full of basic drives, unable to refrain himself from expressing his sexuality in ways that are prohibited by society’s standards.  During his self expressive act of masturbation, he is greeted by his Super ego, which is represented by the police man, somebody who governs and criticizes the Id by making him act in socially acceptable ways and to make him feel conscience towards his actions and punishes his misbehavior with feelings of guilt.  At first, there is border that separates the Id and the Super Ego, as a sense of contradiction existed between the Id and the Super Ego.  This is symbolized by the fact that the policeman is locked outside of the car, unable to gain access to the Id in order to “tame” him.  However, as he got inside in the car, the two portions of the psyche “reconciled”, which results in the somewhat normal functionality of the psyche as the car moves and the self takes on a new journey.

Keep in mind that the Super Ego in this case appears to be incapable of keeping the Id completely in check, as he continues to masturbate despite the policeman’s (The Super Ego) presence.  However, his presence has nevertheless removed some of the irrationality, disorder, oppression, tension and libido that are presented within the Id as the younger self is able to orgasm in front of him in order to release the tension acquired by his sense of rejection and alienation. The two “reconciles” at the end as they minimized the nature of their contradictions.  But the stronger Id still resumes the driver’s seat at the end of the video as he drives away and takes control of the car, which symbolizes the fact that psyche has indeed, “moved on” with his life after being “stuck” in front of the girlfriend’s house.  But how far can the self go with the Id in control, sitting in the driver’s seat?