The words of langauge, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mode and mechanism of thought. As soon as I start putting my thoughts into words and sentences to try to convey what I mean, everything gets distorted. Language is just no damn good for me – I use it because I have to, but I don’t trust it. We never understand each other. 

As soon as you utter somthing, you are conformed to a system. In a way, using language to express yourself kind of make you think and react “just like everybody else” who is also using the same system to think about something. This is why music and art or even mathematics are considered to be “high” forms of communication and endeavors because they are somehow “above and beyond” language – they express what are inexpressible with words and in a way, tools that you can use to distinguish and define yourself in a more unique and specialized way. Most of the time we don’t think in language anyway, (but I won’t try to define and describe HOW we think and WHAT we think with because that would be self-defeating, for language itself is no good use for describing what it isn’t capable of doing) it is when we need to express this deep structured “language of thought” that we dub words on top of it to let other people understand what we mean.

It is one of the basic presuppositions of art that we speak of applied concepts and terminologies in a language that has the same basic structure as the one that we use to describe everyday experiences.I have learned that this language is an inadequate means of communicating the abstract,but it is nevertheless presuppositions of criticisms.Revolutionary art attempt to speak about matters that do not yet have words.

We didn’t come out of the world,but we come out of it.We are literally of the world,not separate substances that somehow looks at the world from a subject perspective called the self. Rather,the materialities of our entities are places and moments IN the world, not something that is put ON top of it.So the very essence of the world is an on-going total event that includes you as a part of a whole. 

I want to lose weight but I’m too lazy to do it. I wish there’s a way that you can lose weight for someone else, like a group of specialized “trainers” who work out and instead of burning their own calories they are burning calories off their clients’s bodies. That way I can pay them to exercise for me while I sit at home and watch porn and lose weight without lifting a finger.

I just realized that when I have an erection my bodyweight increases by .3 percent.