It’s quite boring that our urines are all either clear and yellowish.  I wish urine come in variety of colors.  It would give you one more question to ask another person when you first meet them.  Like asking the other person what their blood type is, you can ask him or her what color his or her urine is, and if you happen to have the same color of urine as the other person, then you would have one more thing in common to celebrate about.  I wish my urine was black.


What if your significant other suddenly dissappears, and your father tells you that she was a robot he designed or purchased to ensure that you are looked after, loved, and taken cared of?  And that she is broken or had reached the end of her contract?  If you were really heart broken by this lost, and if your father tells you that he can build or purchase the same robot, what would you do?  Would want a new robot that acts and feels and looks just like your girlfriend? Or will you be unable to accept the fact that she is a robot and continue to suffer the loss of her?