When you think of a relationship, you probably think that there are only two people that are involved, but I often feel like there is a third element, or metaphysically and metaphorically speaking, a third “person” that arises out of a romantic relationship.  There’s “me”, “you”, and then there’s “us”.  The “us” is an organism whose being and existence depends upon the inter-relations between the “me” and the “you”.  When the love between “me” and “you” grows stronger, the bigger and stronger the “us” becomes, and if the couple’s love fades or ceases to be, the “us” will shrink and disappears.  The size and shape of this organism is always organically shifting in constant states of flux, depending on what the couple are doing, feeling, thinking and perceiving.  For instance, when the couple is fighting and disagreeing, the organism might look something like an abstract sculpture with contradicting and disharmonized lines and colors.  The “us” affects the “me” and the “you” just as much as the “me” and the “you” affect the “us”.  There’s an on-going and dynamic feed back loop between the “me”, “you”, and the “us”.  For instance, sometimes the “us” could be nurtured too well and as it gets too fat, it could crush the “me” and the “you” as in cases where the couples “love each other too much” and suffocate from lack of space and room.