By deconstructing a soccer ball and taking the roundness of it away and making it into a cubed object, I am in away, castrating it by taking away its deepest essence – the ability to roll and move through time and space. This is analogous to cutting off a man’s penis, where the loss of a specific attribute or body part creates a complete lack to its very nature and its ability to fulfill its ultimate purpose. Every object or being has a “natural self” based upon the natural limitations of the body and its basic physical relationship with the environment. The natural self limits freedom by rendering certain actions possible and certain evaluations inevitable. A man in a wheelchair can never go for a run no matter how much he desires running because that particular choice of action is beyond the scope of his natural self. By giving the soccer ball a new natural self by taking away its ability to roll, it is forever confined and bounded within the space-time continuum, unable to open up to the possibilities of transcendence by overcoming its facticity through the projection of itself towards an open future. The “ball”’s very own attributes become its very own prison cell, just as some of us are forever limited by and bounded within our very own nature.

Another significance of a cubed “ball” is the phenomenon of destruction. By taking away the roundness of a ball it is no longer a ball. I have, in a way, destroyed an object without getting rid of its physical makeup. Even though this new cubed object is no longer a “ball” per se and cannot fulfill the function of a ball, it nevertheless embodies and possesses the same material and physical make up of a ball. The black and white pieces of leather that constituted the ball in its original structure still remains, yet its essence as a ball is destroyed because of the rearrangement of its materials. Think of a city before and after it is “destroyed” by earthquake. A city is destroyed for people because only people can experience its loss as significant. Outside of the human evaluation and consciousness, nothing has been destroyed. The atoms that made up the building remain the same, and that there is as much matter remaining after an earthquake as there was before. Another example would the destruction of a cup. When a cup breaks, there is as much china as there was before it broke; yet the cup has ceased to be. The requisite to fulfill certain function (to fill it with water and to drink out of it) that a cup was made to fulfill is destroyed with the rearrangement of the cup’s material. It is these qualities of essences that constitute the being of a cup, not so much the actual material that the cup is made. By the same token, the “ball” ceased to be because I deconstructed and reconstructed it, turning it from a ball to a non-ball, a being to a non-being. This sudden rearrangement causes an immediate shift in perception and cognition, where consciousness must reclaim itself in a new nothingness that “exists” in the mode of the WAS and the NO LONGER.