A: Our society, as it advances in technology, industrialization, and societal standards, we restrict ourselves in from fulfilling several of our basic instincts.

In ‘civilization and its discontents’, I remember freud touching up on this in relation to sexual desires.

Not exclusively, but mainly.


B: i think the situation might unfold back on itself like in most cases in life.

With technology we have means to other outlets that we can utilize to express these desires,like porn and video games.

In the future we will have virtual worlds

Where people can have sex with anybody they want

and kill anyone they wish

without hurting anybody real.

So our instincts, although surpressed by technology and modernity might find their most extreme satisfactions and outlets due to the same elements that surpressed it in the first place.

This is how I think the situation will unfold back upon itself to return to itself to realize itself in the Hegelian and dialectic fashion.