Standing On My Bed While Ejeculating Into The Middle Of The Ocean.

Whenever I couldn’t sleep, I would lie on my bed and imagine water flowing into my bedroom. All of a sudden there’s a huge flood and before having time to react to my surroundings, I am floating in the middle of the ocean. I love looking at the horizon of the ocean because it’s the only straight line in nature (straight lines are signs of artificiality and construction…everything else in nature except this line is wiggly). When you are surrounded by the ocean with nothing else around you and nothing else in sight except the water, the sky, and the horizontal line between them, you feel a sense of wholeness and totality. There’s something nostalgic about floating in the middle of the ocean while lying on your own bed because when you can no longer see the coast, you’d realized that NOTHING has changed here. Everything on earth, from rocks to mountains, from art to technology, from the length of my hair to the entropic decay of my grandmother’s corpse are changing and evolving… everything except here: an identical stretch of water and the horizontal line between the ocean and the sky. What I am seeing here was seen by pterodactyls and the Homo erectus, and it still covers two thirds of the globe. The greater part of the earth has remained the same despite earthquakes and natural/ artificial catastrophes, and it will probably remain unchanged until the end of earth’s existence.

Here is where I can relax my body and feel like I’m sitting comfortably in silence with an old friend; where there are no parts or divisions but only wholes. There’s no need to move things around, add or replace things because everything is simply what it is IN ITSELF. In this world there is no iPod, no facebook, no cars, no clocks, no knives, no pussy and food or any other types of objects or temptations. Desires are finally put out… not that they are fulfilled because there are no holes to fill in the first place. Desires simply don’t exist for me in that space, and you don’t have to think hard about things or make decisions, you can just switch off your mind to allow the homogeneous whole of the ocean to flow through you. My stream of consciousness flows and becomes one with the water, as they engulf each other seamlessly and harmoniously…

But of course this is all just a fantasy. If I was really out there by myself, floating on the ocean while lying on my bed, I’d be so bored that I’d probably ejeculate into the ocean just for the hell of it. Actually that would make a fine painting – one of me standing on a bed in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by the vastness of the world, and ejeculating into it.

Key Hole Vagina 
 Last night my ex girlfriend bent down and spreaded and flashed her private parts in my face. Strangely, she had a large keyhole in place of her normal parts, and inside that keyhole was a large eye starring out at me lifelessly without blinking. From the contour and flesh around the eye, I could sense that this eye belonged to an African American male. And upon closer examination, I realized that the black guy was myself.

Why would a black version of myself be inside my ex girlfriend’s body? I have no clue.

And then my girlfriend handed me a large key, and just when I was about to stick it inside the keyhole and poke the shit out of that creepy eye, I fainted.

It’s a strange and absurd scene. This is voyeurism unfolding back on itself. Usually you are the person who is starring at a woman’s privates or a keyhole, but when it stares right back at you (and when that person is youself), there’s an intense, yet intriguing conflict that just makes you shiver.