I am wondering what my shadow tastes like. I want to peel my shadow off the wall, re-structure it, cut it into pieces, stuff it in a special container and then project it as a 3 dimensional object and eat it. Or I could stuff it inside a diamond necklace and give it to my girlfriend as a valentine’s day gift.

I don’t think spirits are hollow or transparent. I think they are quite the opposite – that they are solid…more so than living people and objects. That’s why they are able to pass and walk through things.

imagine if objects are not as solid as they are in reality. Imagine if a house is made up of mist…you, the more solid object, would be able to walk through it without any problems. Spirits are more solid than objects, that’s why they are able to maintain their forms when they walk through less solid objects.

But then wouldn’t humans or other less solid objects break apart if spirits pass through them? just like when a person walks through mist, the contact would force mist particles to move around the human

Yap. That would be quite a scene. There should be a horror movie about extremely solid spirits that kill people by walking through their bodies and their skins would rip and break and their organs would fly out.

Art requires distance between the representation and the represented.This is why I hate 3D movies.They make movies less aesthetically appealing than they would be if they were flat because they render the images too much in the direction of realism.3D movies are like waxwork(which isn’t art),they don’t give us enough of an ontologic…al and structural distortion and transfiguration.