Me and my brother were fighting over a prostitute by playing tug of war with her body as rope.I grabbed her by the neck and he grabbed her by the ankles as we were both pulling with all our might,desperately trying to gain possession of her.The harder we pull the longer and thinner she became until she turned into a LONG strand of noodle.Then we boiled it,added some spaghetti sauce on top + ate it together in peace.

I was locked in the same cell as Nicolas Cage who had his arms cut off.He told me he had a really big itch on his head and would really like it if I scratched it for him.I started scratching and he kept moaning and yelling HARDER BABY!I kept going til I scratched through his skull all the way into his brain.As I scratched his brain,beats came out of his mouth,so I used it as a turntable to DJ for the other prisoners

When you are dreaming, it almost seems as if the images that you are dreaming of are injected inside your brain without your consent, as if somebody ties you down in a movie theater and select the movies of their own choices for you to watch.  Indeed, you almost never have a conscious choice in regards to the contents of your dreams.  This is where dream is different from daydreaming or mere imagination during waking hours.  When you are awake, you are almost always conscious of the act of imagining, and that the generation of images is a process that is consciously willed. In other words, daydream images are active, and dream images are passive. 

This begs the question of WHO is making and producing the dream images that you are passively observing and sensing.   Unless you believe that dream images come from spirits and gods, the answer has to be – YOURSELF.  YOU are generating the images that you are watching and observing during sleep/dream.  But if you are making the images, then who is watching the images that you are producing?  It has to also be you.  This leads to a very interesting dichotomy, a split psychic if you wish – A DIVISION OF THE SELF.   It is as if your soul has no choice but to be split in half when you are dreaming.  It’s like somebody cut you in half and tells one half of it to be the director and producer of your dreams, and the other half to sit back and be the audience of their products. 

Of course, in real life this happens.  Directors of movies do indeed sit in the audience’s seats during premieres and watch their own movies.  But in dreams this act has to go on simultaneously, with the two parties unconscious relative to each other.  The process of dream production is an unconscious one, it is sealed off from the consciousness of the dreaming mind, and that is why you have no choice of the content of the images that are been produced.  The dream images are indeed willed, but the part of the psych that is doing the willing is unconscious to the consciousness of the audience of dreams.  The production and authoring of these images are unconscious relative to the dream audience, and the viewing of the audience is in turn, unknown to the author and producers of the dreams.