Holloween Costume
A girl who applies makeup all the time should just NOT put on any for Holloween so she can “wear” her true face as costume. Since she puts makeup on so often, the makeup has become the real face, where the lack of it becomes the mask. She can then attend a party where everyone is nude and with no makeup on. It will be one of those situations where what is NOT is what is, and what is lacking is what is present.
Who says you have to actually put ON something for it to be a costume? I see people putting a lot of shit on, and it seems to me that the more stuff they put on, the better they think their costumes are. Why not do the opposite with nakeness as the costume itself? The act of stripping off something can be equivalent to the act of puttng something on, for sometimes going the opposite direction can yield the same effect. It’s like 2 sides of the same coin sort of deal. I would love to be able to go trick or treating naked. It would be a hell of a lot easier (or harder) to explain to people what or who I am supposed to be.

A lot of art works are created in order to compensate for a lack experienced within the artist himself. When Wagner composed Tristan, he did so not because he was immersed in love but because he was NOT immersed in it. Artists create things and experiences that they do not have in order to obtain them symbolically (sometimes literally).
This explains why a lot of works of art contradict the character and personal experiences of the artist, and that the popular notion that artists are articulating their personal experiences is uncomprehending.

I woke up one morning and saw a fly crawling across my field of vision.  It wasn’t a fly that got in my eyes and one that I could  simply get rid of by rubbing my eyes or blinking.   It wasn’t a fly that was flying in front of my eyes either and one that I could just reach my hands out and snatch it up.  The bugs were embedded internally WITHIN my visual system.  It was kind of  like how somebody records something with a video camera, and then realized afterwards that a bug was crawling across the screen as it became imprinted as part of the film itself.   I shook my head up and down and from side to side in order to shake the bugs off, but was unable to do so.  The next morning when I woke up, there was another bug that was crawling across my visual field. This time it was a cockroach, crawling in all direction at various speeds.  The next day it was a small spider, and then caterpillars and beetles followed.  A week later my field of vision was reduced by one third, as it became occupied with insects of various species, cruising lively across my vision.  I rubbed my eyes until they bled and banged my head against the wall until I made holes in it.  But no matter what I did, the bugs only increased in size and in number.  Two weeks later my vision was reduced by two thirds, with newcomers as big as black widow spiders.   By the third week, there had been tens and thousands of bugs of different species crawling in my field of vision, blocking most of my eyesight, making my life so unbearable that I wanted to kill myself.  Since I couldn’t see much of anything anymore, there was no point to move or do anything productive, so by the end of the month all I did for days was lay on my bed and quietly witnessed the demise of my own vision as the bugs eventually filled up the last portions of my visual field until I became completely blind.  Defeated, I took a knife, gouged out my eyes and tossed them as far as I could out the windows