My new video – Telephone.

How come people in the picture frames are never self conscious or aware of the frame?

Language is like a perfectly adapted pet that has the tendency to turn on its owner.

If the human soul does indeed exist, I would imagine it to have an extremely unpleasant smell

The rotting process of the body and the odor that it generates could be analogous to the soul leaving the body. Most parts of our bodies smell bad, and the biological processes that go on inside our bodies from moment to moment are revolting and unpleasant, and the fragile skin is the only thing that’s barely keeping the odorous and disgusting elements in check. When I die, I don’t want people to see or find my body…I only want them to smell my death and my soul. If I ever decided to kill myself, I would lock myself in a box and hide it in the most remote space in my house and slowly die in it. I would hide it in a space that would be very difficult to relocate. My family members would come home from a long vacation, and would wonder what the hell smells so bad. Then they would look everywhere to locate the smell and try to get rid of it, but my body would be completely decomposed, decayed, and dissipated before they could find it.


Is there a thinker behind a thought?

Thoughts are not aware of themselves because there is no thinker BEHIND a thought, as the thinker is always already within the thought itself, existing simultaneously with and parallel to it. There is only the thought itself thinking up certain thoughts on occasions about a thinker within those thoughts. A thinker who is thought up by thought cannot exist behind or apart from it, but only as a product of thought itself thinking about itself as having a thinker who is having that thought.

Artists can either be rebuked for trespassing on the Domain of God, or praised for doing so.It depends whether you think the God in question deserves prior and exclusive rights as a creator. Anyone who creates the likeness of a man seems to be exercising the power that created man in the first place. Figurative sculptors come closest to this divine act of creativity, as they are “men who makes human beings!”

Objects are becoming more intangible and abstract,where ideas and concepts overshadow the tangible and the material.Before the digital age, you can roughly guess the function of a product based on its form.But nowadays the link between form and function is becoming thinner and thinner to the point that the forms of certain products bear absolutely no relation to their functions.Mind is finally overcoming matter

The Absurd and Inefficient Humans.

I think human beings are absurd, inefficient, and strange creatures.  If you look at simpler organisms like fruit flies or bees, you’d realized that ironically, within their simplicity, there arises a sense of complexity and efficiency that are unmatched by higher mammals.  Just think of what fruit flies, ants, and bees do all day through out their whole lifetimes.  They are programmed very efficiently by evolution to be very good at a few things, and they perform these tasks perfectly.  They are machines that are built to carry out very specific parts of certain tasks and do nothing else that are not within their job descriptions.  All parts of their bodies, nervous systems, and movements are crafted toward completing certain and highly specific goals, and there are no parts on their bodies that are “hanging out”, or are “good for nothing”.  They are designed perfectly to play their roles within the environments that they are given with, and they fit perfectly and harmonically within their systems and parameters by applying their specific principles.  In other words, they are EFFICIENT, COMPLEX, FAST, SPECIFIC, and they get the job done (whatever nature asks of them). 

But humans, on the other hand, are sloppy and inefficient by comparison.  We don’t have that specific THING or that specific GOAL to accomplish as a species.  It is as if we were put here on earth not really knowing why we are here (isn’t this a question philosophers constantly ask themselves but a question nobody can find answers to)?  We are good at THINKING, and processing information, you might say.  But the processing powers and the abilities of our brains and our nervous systems are not exactly efficient.  It takes 20 years or more just to learn the basics of life as a human being and to merely exist, problem solve, and survive without guidance from parents.  You call that efficient?  You see, despite our complexity and intelligence, our brains are not really designed for higher level, abstract thinking.  It’s almost impossible to figure out quantum physics and other classic, but nevertheless unsolvable problems of philosophy such as the mind body problem, and the problem of free will. 

Think of how hard it is for the mind to learn calculus.  The computational process of the brain is slow, clunky, inefficient, and sometimes useless.  Compare what we do (thinking) with what a bee does (pollinate flowers), which do you think come more naturally and efficiently?  Bees are by natural flying and pollinating machines, and they carry these tasks out without having to learn them, and they do them unconsciously and automatically because that’s what nature designed them to do ultimately.  But did nature design us to think? To understand math and write poetry or make sculptures?  DO these things come as effortlessly and efficiently as flying and pollinating are for bees?  I don’t think so.  And even when we do come to certain conclusions or understanding about the world, such understanding isn’t exactly necessary from the perspectives of survival and reproduction. 

So in short, I don’t think we are by any means of standards more “complex” or “intelligent”.  Our bodies are weak and are obviously not designed to endure the harshness of nature.  Our brains are our only weapons, but yet, they are not very good at what they do.  Thinking takes a tremendous amount of energy, and the way our brains process complex information is actually  pretty slow, clunky, inefficient, and highly unnatural. 

Sometimes I would walk around and feel the heaviness of my own head, and I would think to myself: Jeez, I look like such a freak of nature with such a huge and inconvenient organ.  Indeed, big heads have a lot of costs.  It makes giving birth very difficult, and humans have the highest mortality rate upon birth, and it takes 20 years just to make our brains mature enough to help us survive on our own without our parents.  Big heads are also prone to head injuries in accidents.  So why on earth did we evolve to be and to look this way?  Why do we have all that extra spaces in our excessive and wasteful brains to do a whole lot nothing?  We don’t FIT within our environments very well, and we have a lot of extra stuff “hanging out” of us that are “good for nothing”.   Intelligence is not even sustainable.  Think of how our intelligence is destroying us already.  Bacteria and viruses, on the other hand, have almost 0 signs of intelligence.  But look how well they are doing.  They have been around since the beginning of life, and will certainly still be around when we wipe ourselves out.  So stop kidding yourself by telling yourself that intelligence is “special” and that it is somehow the pinnacle, or final goal that evolution is driving towards.  It’s not.    

3D mouse arrows.

Sometimes I would stare at that little white mouse arrow on the computer screen and wonder what it would be like if that thing is externalized in the 3D world.  It would be so convenient because then you could use it to direct and click and control things to make them happen instantly without having to move your limbs.  It would be a really good invention to get us to be even lazier.  You would direct it with your mind, and when your intentionality is taking a break, it would simply hover in space without moving.  Everyone can have their own arrow, as long as you register and pay for one. 

You could use it to sexually stimulate your girlfriend from another side of town by clicking and tickling her nipple.  Or when you are on a date and you feel embarrassed to use a tooth pick or tissue papers, you could fly it into your mouth and nose and clean yourself up with it.   Or maybe you could even use it as a weapon, stinging people who owe you money and etc or fly it into their brains and change their thoughts and ideas by clicking on their neurons. Maybe it would have a mind of its own and fly around like a mosquito when once it acquires AI.  I am imagining a whole flock of them like bees, flying all over your head and chasing after and attacking you.  It would definitely hurt to be stung by one of these things.  

On why I stopped lifting to make useless things and to live life in the abstract (extended).

I stopped lifting because it is too objective and concrete and practical. I wanted to strip away the practical and the concrete in order to live life in obscurity.  In other words, I want to move from the concrete and the fullness to the abstract, emptiness of the ideals.  It is not that one way of life is better than the other.  I just wanted to try something different;to temporally escape the materiality and the corporeality of reality and experience the “higher” and more abstract plane of the world and to close myself off from the everyday reality once in a while by ascending to the plane of the innersubjectivity, the imagination, and the surreal.  This is why I engage in art and philosophy, so I can use them as means to render away the tangible and the definite by making objects and engaging in ideas that are abstract to the point of complete uselessness.  Cars and furniture, no matter how beautiful they are, are not exactly considered art because they are practical and useful.  Paintings and sculptures on the other hand, are art because you can’t really use them for anything else besides contemplation and thinking…and this is why I say that art, in its abstractness and conceptuality, is rendered to be purely intellectual.  But things that are purely intellectual (art for art’s sake, thinking for thinking’s sake) are usually pretty pointless and useless.  But they are celebrated because they indicate signs of status, genetic fitness, and that they have the capacity to free up the mind from the body, the subjective from the objective, the surreal from the real, and the abstract from the concrete.

This is why status symbols are usually wasteful and useless.  The more useless and abstract something is, the “higher” its place is in the hierarchy of things and ideas because you are rendering away and pealing matter away until it becomes pure mind.  This sense of uselessness however, is exactly what makes art and other useless things and ideas valuable.  This makes sense from an evolutionary stand point because they indicate signs of genetic fitness, since you have to have your all your basic needs satisfied and covered in order to engage in endeavors that are not means to survival.  Can you imagine a homeless person making sculptures or composing music?  No, because these endeavors are low on the list of things with survival values.  He doesn’t even have food and shelter, how is he going to have the time and resources and the energy for art? 

But the lower the survival value, the higher the “pussy value”.  In other words, to impress others, especially the opposite sex, uselessness rules.  Why do you think women love gold necklaces so much?  Because it has 0 survival value and is completely useless!  But that is exactly its charm and value.  Because if you can afford one, then it basically means that all your base and survival needs are satisfied.  Imagine if you give a girl something useful for a gift, like an apple or a bottle of water…she isn’t going to be thrilled.  This is the same reason why it almost always works when you seduce women with music and art.  Likewise, when the brain engages in the abstract, the surreal, the theoretical, the intangible, and the conceptual, it is using its highest faculty…and it is precisely because all the other more concrete and practical matter of survival have been covered that the mind is able to free itself up to engage in more abstract ideas.

With all that said, I’m down to find activities and endeavors where I can be completely abstract, conceptual, and non-physical.  With art and philosophy come close, but some practices in art are also physical to a certain degree.  Making sculptures can actually be quite a physical labor, and even in painting you need to move your hands.  Even writing and reading is physical in the limited sense.  Plus, you can’t really go all out abstract with language because the very nature of language is grounded by concrete sets of rules, principles, grammars, structures, and so on, and as soon as you are using language, you are conforming to a system that everyone else is using. So language, despite its ability to generate abstract thoughts, is insufficient because it presupposes conformity and regularity, since language is public, not private.  And to escape the real world to live in my own private world of abstract thoughts, langauge sometimes just doesn’t’ cut it. This is why a lot of artists choose to express themselves pre-verbally, so that they can escape the limit and parameters that automatically come with language.   

So I am thinking of just not making any art and not writing anything down and just lock myself in the closet and think up ideas and not actualize them in reality.  But even thinking is itself a physical property of the brain and the nervous system… (I don’t want to be like Stephen Hawkings because he doesn’t get pussies. You need the body for sex).  I think dreaming comes closest to this form of pre-verbal, pre-conceptual, surreal and abstract activity. Not only are dream contents abstract and pre-verbal, when you dream your body actually becomes paralyzed…so in a way, you are all mind and no body. Also during dreams the conscious part of you brain is shut off, so you are not only limited physically, you are limited consciously as well.