I am constantly adjusting my body – turning my head, rotating my eyeballs, leaning forward, tipping my toes, reaching, standing up, trying to achieve the “perfect grip” with the world at any given time and space, in accordance with my current states of desires and intentions.  Sometimes I feel a sense of “uneasiness” when I do this (if I am consciously aware of the fact that I am doing it). But it is through these tiny (or huge, when the occasions call for it) actions of “gripping” reality that define us as living beings, for to LIVE is to connect the mental to the physical through these actions.

If reality is, like our language, BINARY, which consists of EITHER the body OR mind, ghost OR machine, then NEITHER of these elements or concepts would be meaningful.   I think the brain is something of a receptor that mediates between the purely mental and the purely physical, between the world and the mind, the outer and the inner.  It is because of the brain that is as complex as ours that we are neither ghosts nor machines, but LIVING BEINGS that exist somewhere in between the purely physical and the purely mental.  And our bodies, through the commands of our brains, make things happen by fulfilling intentions with actions.     In other words, we are psycho-physical beings, mediating between 2 universes, one consists purely of consciousness, and the other consists purely of physical materials.  

I think it is entirely possible that there were 2 universes that ran parallel to each other.  And before the evolution of the human brain, these 2 universes exist apart from each other, and are “ignorant” of each other’s existence.   Two 2 universes can be said to be quite “useless”, until  somewhere along the line of cosmic evolution, something as complex and mysterious as the brain comes into existence to bridge the 2 separate universes together to create the world we now know of.  The brain then, acts as a receptor that receives signals and information from the two separate universes and simultaneously gives rise to both.  This is where consciousness comes in, and with it, intentionality.  Consciousness is always directed AT something, and that sense of intentionality, or the fact that we are automatically, if conscious, conscious OF SOMETHING, is precisely the result and the manifestation of the interaction between the 2 universes.