What we do on a constant basis is planting seeds in people’s brains. Whenever we meet somebody, we plant the seed of Being into that person’s brain and let it nurture and grow into the tree of Being. The experiences and memories and other thoughts in that person’s mind is like the soil that nurture your seed. You can, up to a certain point, control how and what that tree of Being is going to turn out to look, smell, feel, and taste like, because what you do or say to that person is part of his or her experience. But you can never have COMPLETE control over the nurturing process because you can never completely control what that person think of you and what other experiences or thoughts he or she might have, and what these thoughts and memories might do to the seed that you plant in his or her head. Whenever I try to do engage in actions by interacting with another person, I am doing things to alter a person’s thoughts and opinions about myself in order to try to nurture the tree in his or her head that manifest itself as an Image or Representation of myself. Sometimes you can do everything in your power to make sure your tree grows out to be the way you want it to be, but for whatever reason, that person can still manipulate that image you try to build up in her head and turn your tree into a rotten plant (or vice versa).

This is why I think it’s such a hassle to make friends. The more friends I make, the more seeds I plant, and the more work I have to do to nurture my trees to make sure my garden doesn’t stink up. We all know people who have a lot of friends, but who actually turn out to have very few real close friends. They go around planting seeds all over the place, but they can’t look out after every single of of these seeds and make sure they grow out to be healthy and vibe. I think it;s true when Aristotle said that you can never have more than one or two real friends in life. The fewer friends you have, the more time you have to devout your time and energy into nurturing each particular seeds. The longer and better you know a person, the longer the roots of the tree are, and the harder it is for them to plunge you out of their brains, and the harder it is for you to forget her. Sometimes a person’s root might stick into your brain for a long time, despite the fact that you think you have knock down her tree…

What I like about a photograph or an image (over the moving image of films and videos) is the way it discloses and reveals TOO MUCH and TOO LITTLE at the same time. Everything that is seen, in order to be seen and understood, must be surrounded by a kind of metaphysical halo of the unseen. The thing that makes the visible visible is to have a series of lining of the invisible, which renders present a certain absence. When I look at an image of a still photograph that captures a single moment – a slice of time and space, that photograph only makes sense if you can unconsciously (or consciously) perceive what is OUTSIDE of that particular frame of narrative. In other words, it is what’s NOT depicted in an image that give rise to the total narrative of that image, and it is EVERYTHING ELSE (its non-being)…all the information that are NONE-explicit, which lays OUTSIDE of the image, which exposes and elicit the meaning of the still photograph itself. The essential partiality of our views on a particular slice of reality, their being given only in a certain perspective and at a certain moment in time does not diminish their reality, but on the contrary establishes and defines it. The thing transcends our view, but is manifest precisely by presenting itself to a range of possible views.

It is the artist who tells the truth, and the photograph that lies…for in reality, time does not stand still. So once again, a photograph, despite the fact that it is only a single frame/instance of space-time, can actually discloses a lot more than moving images because the temporal horizons that surround that single image has the possibilities and potentialities of what we ordinarily never see. The moving image, by contrast, renders these possibilities and potentialities into the real and the actual. And that action in itself takes away some of the possibilities and the virtual fabrics that are folded up as endless potentialities that falls outside of our perceptual awareness.