Mental illness is merely altered state of mind. It is mind’s antipodes…the night side of life,a more onerous citizenship that is too exotic to touch.Everyone who is born has 2 citizenships,one in the well,and one in the sick. We are obliged,sooner or later, to crossover to that other kingdom, as the border between sickness/health, delusion/rationality, dreaming/wakefulness is less defined and fixed than we assume.

It takes most people a college degree to realize that they don’t need a college degree.

I want to live in a world where females get pregnant automatically every 7 days, and the only way to terminate the pregnancy would be to insert a penis into the vagina. This way, young females who don’t want to get pregnant will go around begging for sex, as in this world, sex will have the exact opposite effect. If this was the case, would sex be a form of abortion or contraception?  Here is a rule : It must be a DIFFERENT penis every time. So girls will automatically be sluts